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Propaganda - The Mask of Sanity

Brutal death metallers Propaganda have been around since 2009, but only have one full length to their name, 2015’s ‘The Mask of Sanity’. Originally released by Brute! Productions, this record is a lost gem in the world of brutal slam and crushing death metal.

Even the intro is brutal, enschewing the traditional screaming, murderous samples for some big slamming riffs. What follows is thirty minutes of heavy, head caving brutality with little variation or originality. But to be fair to Propaganda, this is a genre that thrives on sticking to the basics and delivering the most devastating music possible. It was pretty much perfected by Devourment¬† years ago, and we’ve been doing that ever since. The chugging magnificence of ‘Blasphemous Insanity Syndrome’ is something to behold, as is the hellish death growls of ‘Rejection Living Tortured’. ‘The Mask of Sanity’ is a record that doesn’t mess around, it goes for the jugular immediately and never lets go.

The Mask of Sanity’ is a fine example of how brutal death doesn’t have to do anything new. Massive slam, crushing vocals and an aura of carnage and savagery all play their part in creating a fun record to smash things to.

Jengloth - Jengloth

In preparation for their newest record, ‘News Fried Chicken’, I thought I’d check out Indonesian deathgrinders Jengloth’s self titled debut full length from 2015, released through Brute! Productions.

It will fail to surprise you that the band manage to cram 18 tracks into 28 minutes, and also that this is fucking nasty, brutal, super fast stuff. But it is liberally sprinkled with melody too, even in the first track, which thrashes hard but still spouts memorable riffs. ‘Hompimpa’ is a short violent stabbing of a track, while the ‘epic’ (read 4 minute) ‘Leak’ is some catchy , European style death metal awesomeness. Imagine the ferocity of Cephalic Carnage mixed with a venom laced needle of Rotten Sound or some Nasum in there too. The album cover suggests some tongue in cheek humour too but that is lost in translation to me.

‘Jengloth’ clatters and thrashes with all the energy and hatred that you’d imagine this sort of deathgrind to. The additional melody crammed in there really adds to this however, and doesn’t just make the record one dimensional and boring. This is one of the more varied grind albums I’ve heard this year, and with a bit more work this band will be great!

Osmed - Territory of Warfare

The full length debut of Indonesian death metallers Osmed is called ‘Territory of Warfare’, and it is an exercise in pure, unadulterated brutality through music. It is out now through Brute! Productions

The gallop of horses, the sound of blade into flesh, the screams of the dying; this is how Osmed start this record, crescendoing into a maelstorm of devastation and death metal fury. It is as one dimensional brutal death metal as you can imagine, with chunky slam and incomprehensible bile spewed as vocals. The record moves at a brisk pace, occasionally stopping for a mighty breakdown. The problem for me is that it’s difficult to tell the songs apart, as they all generally follow a similar generic brutal death blueprint. Don’t get me wrong, when great tracks like ‘Human Case Hatred’ or the raging ‘Bloodshed’ hit, they are excellent. It’s just a shame that the rest feels a little samey.

Well executed if prone to repetition. Osmed have carved a solid base for themselves in the genre, now they need to take the next step towards death metal glory. They’ve got the brutality level right, they just need to experiment a little with the songwriting.

Fetal Bleeding - The Quest of Immortality

Indonesian death metallers Fetal Bleeding have released their debut full length record ‘The Quest of Immortality’ through Brute! Records, and they’ve been going for about 8 years now. I’m looking forward to sampling this musical massacre.

Opener ‘As Torture Becomes Lust’ hits you immediately with a very dense bass, chunky riffing and devastating vocals. Brutality reigns supreme through this record, with barely a space to breathe within the suffocating miasma. The production helps this feeling too, layering a thick tar over everything, increasing that black heaviness. Your obvious musical touchstones are Aborted, Suffocation, early Dying Fetus. Breakdowns crash upon you, rumbling drums constantly pound into your skull and a cavernous terror stalks the fields, destroying anything in its wake. I love the relentless violence of ‘Legion of Delusion’, the cacophonic mania of ‘Grief Cavity and the savage beating of ‘Salvation by Death’.

The record is just the right length for this style as well. You’re faced with all the awesome brutality you can cope with, but it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Riffs pile devastation on all those who listen, while bile soaked vocals churn and roil under a massive low end. Fetal Bleeding are destruction through music, and this record is great.

Cloudburst are an Indonesian group who are dropping their new, self titled record in January through Samstrong Records. Their sound is very sharp, mixing the likes of Converge or Botch with the grindcore intensity of Pig Destroyer or Cattle Decapitation, all of which sounds like a recipe for success. ‘Cloudburst’ is the followup to well received debut, ‘Crying of Broken Beauty’.

Opener ‘Strange Acrobat’ is a fearsome piece of noise, with angular riffs plowing through drifts of grindcore ferocity and spoken word sections clashing with barks and screams. It feels very unique; the kind of sound that modern bands strive to find but most don’t. ‘Crimson Mask’ feels very Botch-like and while never quite reaching the genius of those Americans, Cloudburst’s music features both the melodic (‘Tornado’) and the savagely raw (‘Personal Golgotha’) elements that dance to their own beat. The menacing ‘Human Origami’ is my personal favourite, with a particular powerful vocal performance both in the spoken word and the throat shredding screams.

‘Cloudburst’ is a record full of disjointed, visceral beauty. Songs splay from every angle, a grinding performance holding it all together into a cohesive whole. Cloudburst are interesting, doing things that you don’t hear a lot of bands going for. This style hasn’t felt this fresh since Botch died, and that is high praise indeed.

Opus Death

Indonesian death metal trio Exhumation have unleashed their second album, ‘Opus Death’, this year, and being of that south eastern corner of Asia, you can almost guess that this will be a particularly rabid slab of raw death metal. Unsurprisingly, I was right in my assumption, and thank fuck because this is goddamn invigorating.

‘Soul Wanders’ roars out of the gate with a rampant buzzsaw riff and a cavernous grim vocal. This is relentless, filthy death metal, vomited from the primordial ooze replete with all the horrifying evil that comes with it. Solos howl, drums thud and vocalist Bones growls and rasps like a man possessed. ‘Upon Our Hordes’ rumbles with a barely contained malevolence, and the slower sections remind me a lot of Obituary at their slow rawest. ‘Witching Evil’ sounds like Sodom crossed with early Swedeath, a raging torrent of death metal putridity.

This is the kind of death metal that you might think has been done a lot recently, but its the kind that should be done more often because it positively throbs with inspiration. All the great bands are referenced here, from early Slayer and Sodom to the kind of war metal you normally find in South America. There is a dense atmosphere of darkness and foreboding, especially prevalent on the ghostly piano led ‘The Sleeping Darkness’. A welcome break from the assault, it nonetheless fits the vibe of the record perfectly. Equally important is the haunting acoustics of ‘Lullabyss’, showing that Exhumation are not your average one trick death metal group.

If ripping death thrash riffs with a thick black metal-esque atmosphere and belched vocals of death are your thing, then Exhumation are for you. Think ‘Hell Awaits’ crashing into ‘Altars of Madness’, with the production values of a murky swamp. It’s dark, raw and fucking awesome.

Vasomortus are an Indonesian band specialising in brutal death metal, and have released their first full length record ‘Instrument Torture of Pyramid’ on Brute Productions. This is 29 minutes of technical, crushing death metal wrapped in barbed wire riff destruction.

Opener ‘Abbatoir With Plan Without Dribble Blood’ (the first of many examples of strangely worded English song titles, my personal favourite being ‘Orgy of Dismemberment Torture’), is a deep rumbling blast of brutal death, taking clear influence from the Suffocation/Deeds of Flesh school of tech brutal death. There’s blasting, and some particularly dense chugging riffing later in the song. It’s fucking heavy, and sets the standard for the rest of the album to follow.

What Vasomortus bring to the table is very solid, very heavy downtuned death metal carnage. It melds some cool technical sections with plenty of headbanging groove, and torturously slow chugs. There’s also plenty of blasting too for those who like that sort of thing. Vocally the band stick to a Chris Barnes esque roar, without much variation. It works well with the music, and doesn’t become too stale or monotonous.

Vasomortus do relentless brutality very well, with tracks running together into a cohesive whole as a record, but each standing on its own merit. The guitar tone is thick and harsh, and for a debut record, the band are very tight, and their songwriting is fluid yet disgustingly heavy in parts. Other than the dodgy English translations of their song titles, I can’t find much wrong with this. Half an hour of crushing, headbanging mayhem.


The latest great idea from Sixsixsix Music is the Metal Legions digital single series, featuring 3 bands from 3 different continents on a free digital download. The idea behind this was to help bands make new fans in different countries, which is pretty laudable. Having spent a bit of time researching different scenes across the globe, I’ve come across a number of great bands that I never would have found otherwise. So, onto the singles.

Metal Legions 1 changed at the last moment, so instead of Angmaer we have Goatchrist’s raging ‘A Message Blows East on Sumerian Winds’, of which I’ve waxed lyrical enough about recently on my review of their new album, so onto Indonesia’s Maledikta. Their brand of black metal has some cool eerie moments, and a rasping croak. The riffs are thick, and are augmented nicely by some piano. It is midpaced with some nice Middle Eastern tremolo melodies, bringing to mind Melechesh’s raw work, and I like it. Starless Night, from the US, have supplied a twenty minute odyssey, ‘Time Heals Nothing When There’s No Good to See’, which isn’t the catchiest title in the book, but the song is all brooding nightmare. Slow synths build into thudding blasts and soaring riffs, with a contemplative heart at its core. This is very much atmospheric black metal majesty, with a great sense of openness and scope. It’s a magnificent piece of work, and compliments the other two tracks well, adding a welcome relaxation period during a long ambient section.

Metal Legions 2 consists of Canada’s Survival Instinct, the UK’s own Gods of War and Brazilians Corpsia. Opener ‘Hell’s Angels’ gives a nice summation of what Survival Instinct are all about. Namely, blackened thrash in the vein of classic Sodom. It’s tight, passionately done and catchy as hell. The UK fights their corner next with Gods of War, bringing ‘Fornost’ with another raw blackened thrash assault. Combining that with some clean vocal sections is brave though, and mostly works here. The solo is rampant, and the riffs are high quality. Corpsia finish off the second installment with a driving riff that is packed with heavy groove. Taking the thick chunky thrash route, Corpsia are a pleasant surprise. With the company they keep on this release, you’d be expecting something totally different, but the massive groove is fucking righteous man. I love it

If you don’t have these downloaded already, why the fuck not? 6 tracks over two releases with more to come, and all the bands are of high quality and variety. Bang your fucking head!