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Morgoth. Incantation. Two iconic bands in death metal and, particularly Incantation, two bands I have waited a long time to see live. Morgoth haven’t even played Scotland for 26 years. The last time they played here, I was 4 years old. FOUR! So when this awesome tour came around, the £16 I spent on a ticket was a ludicrous bargain. The venue was Audio, a tiny sweatbox in Glasgow, which mean you could get up close and personal with these killer acts.

My resolution for this year was twofold; make all efforts to see bands I had never seen before, and always be early enough for the support. The Killchain knows that support bands are not only the future headliners, but also need the financial and moral support to continue in their careers as musicians. Three unknowns for me kicked off with Swiss bruisers Omophagia. Their Origin-like assault was absolutely superb, and their dapper bloodstained suits gave that classy serial killer look. The venue was sparsely populated at this time, but those early birds like me witnessed a battering of supreme quality. CD purchased, and no regrets since!








Up next were Italian death/thrashers Methedras, who were another excellent live act. Their blend of early Sepultura and more modern thrashers like Arsis was excellent, and damn could vocalist Tito Listorti get some serious growls. Guitarwork was stellar, and again the small crowd appreciated the work. I met Tito after their slot and showed my appreciation by making a purchase. They are just as excellent on record.

Unfortunately for the third support, Darkrise, I had run out of cash to support them, but don’t let that make you think they weren’t good. They were, despite some nagging vocal issues that led to Thibaud Ducrot being inaudible at points. Their technical death metal reeked of a latter day Cannibal Corpse influence, and it was a pummelling half hour set from them.

But now came the big guns. As good as the supports were, they were destroyed by the unfathomably heavy death metal of Incantation. It was simply crushing, and they featured classics from a range of albums, from ‘Diabolical Conquest’ to ‘Mortal Throne of Nazarene’, and including the devastating title track from ‘Vanquish in Vengeance’, they eeked out Morgoth as my band of the night, but only by a smidge. Disarming frontman John McEntee is one of the humblest musicians I’ve ever seen live, and seems genuinely happy that we were there to support old school death metal. We were John, we were!

And finally, Morgoth return after a vast absence to a Scottish stage. They were devastating too, their primeval death metal assault bringing to mind Obituary and Autopsy. Riffs were dense, the vocals were rabid and each song wrung the most evil of atmospheres from the riff. Morgoth are a criminally underappreciated band, whose classic records are as important to death metal’s future as they are to its history. As the gig wound down, there were less and less people there as trains were caught, or people left after Incantation. What a mistake. Miss that train, stay to the end and watch a legend return with a triumphant performance. I’m glad I stayed to the end, because Morgoth slayed.


2014 would struggle to live up to last year for major death metal masterpieces. 2013 saw the return of Carcass and Gorguts, along with stunning records from the likes of Ulcerate, Portal and Autopsy. There hasn’t been anything particularly to rival those releases this year, but what we have had has been some very good records, from some very good bands. So here is the Killchain picks for death metal records you MUST hear from 2014:

Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall

Obituary – Inked in Blood

Decapitated – Blood Mantra

Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto

Benighted – Carnivore Sublime

Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral

At the Gates – At War With Reality

Cannibal Corpse – The Skeletal Domain

Cannabis Corpse – From Wisdom to Baked

Entombed AD – Back to the Front

Hour of Penance – Regicide

Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails

Incantation – Dirges of Elysium

Vallenfyre – Splinters

Vader – Tibi Et Igni

Vermin Womb – Permanence

There’s a few I’ll have missed, as I’m still catching up with this year’s releases. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Job for a Cowboy’s ‘Sun Eater’, so that might have been a late edition. I also want to mention the awesome Sentience demo and Live Burial’s debut EP as two fantastic death metal releases for the year, and bright hopes for the future

I’ve had to combine a few days here into one post because I got through one record on Sunday, none yesterday but a few tonight. Trying to keep a track of what you listen to each day isn’t that difficult, but finding time to write a blog on them is becoming a challenge. Ok, so the last few days have consisted of the following:

Burzum – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

Annotations of An Autopsy – Before the Throne of Infection

Blind Guardian – A Night at the Opera

Marduk – Rom 5:12

Angelus Apatrida – Clockwork

Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth

Incantation – Onwards to Golgotha

Sunday I gave up music time to watching Wrestlemania 30. I kinda wish I’d stuck to music afterwards but that’s for another time. ‘Hvis Lyset Tar Oss’ was one of Varg’s last decent records with Burzum before he disappeared into ambient nonsense. In fact, until some of his newer stuff (‘Belus’ and ‘Fallen’ in particular), I struggled to like Burzum outside the debut and ‘Filosefem’. Annotations of an Autopsy started off as a mediocre deathcore band before becoming a rather good death metal band. ‘Before the Throne of Infection’ is rather samey deathcore, but as a debut record it wasn’t too bad. I do however, thoroughly enjoy the track ‘Sludge City’, which includes the refrain “she bled from every fucking hole!” It’s metal.

Blind Guardian is a no brainer for me. They’ll always be one of my favourite bands, one of the early pure metal bands I liked and ‘Nightfall…’ is a genre classic. ‘A Night at the Opera’ is overblown and over produced, but full of cracking songs. Marduk pull no punches with ‘Rom 5:12’, but started to show signs of the slightly more twisted, less full throttle approach that ‘Wormwood’ and ‘Serpent Sermon’ highlight. Angelus Apatrida’s ‘Clockwork’ is a decent modern thrash record, full of tasty riffs and headbanging moments but struggles to keep the attention until the end. Their Maiden cover (Be Quick or Be Dead) is cracking though. Finally, what can you say about ‘Onwards to Golgotha’ that hasn’t already been said. Incantation do swampy, seasick groove better than everyone, and their blasphemous debut tears holes through everything else. I fucking love it