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II: Birth & Slaughter cover art

I reviewed the debut tape EP from Necrocracy, cunningly titled ‘I’, recently and was so impressed I jumped straight out to get a copy of their second tape, entitled ‘II: Birth and Slaughter’. This is a band who are really growing on me as a unit, with their particular brand of savage black/death metal mixing the best parts of both genres.

Take opener ‘Ignorant’ for example. It has the propulsive low end of death metal, with a visceral black metal shriek gurgling over the top and a gloomy atmosphere that seeps into every decaying riff and icy passage. Hints of melodies peek through cracks in the murk, teasing respite from the cold, merciless assault. You’re battered relentlessly by the blackened fury of ‘The Broken Limbs of Hope’, until a righteous Bolt Thrower chug appears in the middle and crushes all in its wake.

There’s a more classic black metal influence on ‘II’ than on ‘I’, as if the guys have been spinning some Gorgoroth or Marduk while writing. This is mostly evident on ‘The Lie Within the Truth’, which has some excellent second wave riffs and a bleak, nasty atmosphere about it. The glacial thrash riffs of ‘Reject Them’ leads to the killer closer ‘The Fairground of Birth and Slaughter’, a malevolent tour de force that spins frosty riffs out into a spiralling web of raging Mayhem worship.

Necrocracy make more use of their black metal influences here, and ‘II: Birth and Slaughter’ matches their first demo for quality and surpasses it in songwriting. The last track is particularly good, and I cannot recommend getting a hold of these two releases enough. Necrocracy look to be a band that will be worth keeping a close eye on in the future, and you heard it here first!