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Hereza are a Croatian punkish death metal group that have their new full length ‘I Become Death’ coming out in February, on the excellent Godz of War Productions which is always a sign of good quality. A totally new band to me, Hereza are riffing up a storm on this record!

There’s a rabid, feral quality to the tracks here. That’ll be that punk vibe I guess, but opener ‘I Become Death’ rattles and creaks with a nasty, savage quality. This isn’t your uber tech death, nor your sludgy, slimy old school stuff. This is death metal with a Swedish riff tone and an crusty, energetic howl to it. Hurtling forward with breakneck speed and horrendous, rusted riffs that could slash you into a tetanus induced death, Hereza are a breath of foul air into the world of death metal.

‘Homo Homini Lupus Est’ has some fucking great groove heavy moments, while the shorter and more waspish tracks have a cool grinding feel to them. Basically, you’re looking at half an hour of death metal that’ll either bludgeon you or rip you to shreds. Best of all, you won’t know which it’ll be until it’s too late. ‘I Become Death’ is a fun rampage through death metal sans frills and bullshit.