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This Dutch/German death metal squad contains members of the likes of Dimaeon and Fleshcrawl, and therefore their debut on Transcending Obscurity ‘Trinity of Deception’ is likely to savagely rip some heads off. It is due out in July, and is a ferocious addition to 2019’s death metal lists.

Churning carnage kicks this record off immediately with ‘Crucifixion of the Vanquished’, powered with the sounds of bloodthirsty crowds thunders from the speakers in a torrent of chainsawing death riffs. An example of a record that gets all its shit in then gets out before you could be tired of it, ‘Trinity of Deception’ is only twenty five minutes long but what a blast it is. The title track slips in some eerie samples, and the more said about the neck snapping ‘Days of Dread’ the better. But the whole album is best experienced in one go, rendering you numb with its fury. By the time ‘Tormentor’ drags you back to your grave, you’ll be sated.

There is always a fear that these records will become a bit samey. Burial Remains avoid that simply due to their riff variety. Be it crushing Autopsian death/doom or ravaging Dismember gallops, you’ll be hard pressed to not bang your head frequently. ‘Trinity of Deception’ is a clawing, visceral journey through the primal and focused world of modern old school death metal. Burial Remains leave no survivors, and while their work has plenty of subtle moments, it is mostly death of the most ancient kind. Excellent.

Swampcult are from the Netherlands, and have crafted an album of utter death and decay based on one of HP Lovecraft’s most intense and influential novellas, ‘The Festival’. The album is entitled the same as the story, and follows the dark tale of the beginnings of the Cthulhu Mythos. Come with us on a journey into the unknown, the unfathomable, and seek the dreadful truth…

Each song is a separate chapter of the story, unfolding the dread tale slowly and gradually building the suspense. Blending death, doom and black metal into an eerie soundtrack, the tracks are accentuated by tolling bells, strange squelching noises (the end of ‘Chapter III’ is particualrly disturbing) and other effects and samples that enhance this otherworldly feeling. A chugging, doomy album that is reminscient of early Florida death metal, sprinkled liberally with Paradise Lost-esque gloom.

Swampcult have created a record that is not necessarily here to bludgeon you into submission with earth shaking ferocity; rather they are here to unsettle you, to remove your sense of comfort and leave you open, bare to the uncoiling madness that creeps from the likes of ‘Procession’ and the leviathan ‘The Rite’. ‘The Festival’, like the story that inspires it, is a mysterious and ghastly tale where madness is real, and the nightmare is given form by the music. Many bands have used Lovecraft as an inspiration for their music, but rarely has a band come this close to capturing the oblique horrors that he hinted at. Superb.

The Shiva Hypothesis - Promo 2015

Dutch death metallers The Shiva Hypothesis dropped their demo recording last year, and have kindly sent me a copy for review. They market themselves as for fans of Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Death and Immortal; bands that I rate very highly so I’ve got a bit of anticipation for this.

Opener ‘Caduceus’ brings a very potent Behemoth vibe, with brutal death metal clashing with harsh black metal atmosphere. Big chunky riffs hit with a waspish intensity, while vocalist MvS gives a throat shredding performance. There’s some prime, almost imperial black metal sections that really slay as well, and you get a feel for the blackened majesty underneath. The eerie vocals that open ‘Praedormitium’ lead into the most interesting, sidewinding track on this demo; a piece that is almost as much about causing uncomfortableness as it is about riffs.

Closing epic ‘Maze of Delusion’ has more than a bit of ‘Ruun’-era Enslaved about it, with progressive sections blending seemlessly into the ferocious and hypnotic black/death. The Shiva Hypothesis have written some impressive material here, with songs that are rich in depth of musicianship and never get boring. Fearsome vocals mingle with interesting riff patterns, and that intangible something that makes me want to listen again. Superb

I think this blog is definitely helping me pay a bit more attention to records I have been listening to. Sometimes, I use music as just a background noise tool to avoid silence (I hate silence), and therefore I don’t always concentrate on it as much. Writing about the records I listen to each day definitely focuses the mind a bit more on the music itself. Onto today:

Aborted – Purity of Perversion

Grave – Into the Grave

Abacinate – Genesis

All Shall Perish – This is Where It Ends

Krisiun – Southern Storm

I’ve been in a bit of a death metal phase today. I had a strange notion that I wanted to own every death metal release ever when I woke up this morning. A dream crushed almost instantly when I realised what a futile endeavour that would become. But anyway, death metal was to be my thing for the day.

‘Purity of Perversion’ isn’t my favourite Aborted record, neither is it the best, but its a perfectly satisfactory, solid brutal death record. As it is their debut, and they went on to far surpass it, we can regard it as growing pains. ‘Into the Grave’ is a classic of Swedish death metal, a vicious buzzing chainsaw of death, and the title track is an icon of the genre. A band who made a lot of mediocre records, but a lot of great ones. Abacinate is another death metal band that I know little about, but their ‘Genesis’ record is a whirlwind of technical, brutal death metal that is ideal for blasting out the cobwebs, but not quite different enough to stand out from the crowd. All Shall Perish should NOT just be written off as bog standard deathcore, breakdown riddled nonsense like so many others. I’ve always had a soft spot for them, and although this new record contains a little too many djent riffs for my liking, it is savage and memorable in the best ways. Finally, Krisiun quickly became a favourite of mine after I heard their 2006 record ‘AssassiNation’, and ‘Southern Storm’ is brilliant. Hyperblasting Brazilian death metal always wins

Asphyx are fucking awesome. Why? If you’re asking that question, then you’re on the wrong blog and you should probably leave… If you haven’t left, then I’ll humour you for the time being. Asphyx are Dutch, they’re death metal (the brutal way) and they have in amongst their ranks one of my favourite death metal vocalists, Martin Van Drunen. He also growls like fuck in Hail of Bullets, World War II themed death metallers (also highly recommended).

What is also awesome about Asphyx is that they disappeared around 2000 before returning with a bang in 2009 with ‘Death… The Brutal Way’. Bands who go on hiatus or split up and then reform should be forced to listen to ‘Death… The Brutal Way’ on full volume repeatedly to show how comeback records should be fucking done. It is a lesson in quality death/doom, with the emphasis on death. It is relentlessly punishing, while never losing that slow, crushing riff.

If you need a reason to like this band, find debut record ‘The Rack’ or follow-up ‘Last Ones on Earth’. The latter contains my favourite Asphyx track, ‘Food for the Ignorant’. Then go for their latest, ‘Deathhammer’. Asphyx are proof that you can always rely on the old guard, especially with European death metal, to produce excellent new records that stand up with their classics. They Doom Us to Death