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Suppressive Fire are another outfit from Raleigh, North Carolina whose music I’ve been lucky enough to experience in the past day or two. These guys are on the thrash side of the metal fence, and have released their debut ‘Hellwraith’ in August this year. This is 26 minutes of some righteous thrash, razor sharp and catchy as hell.

‘Pyrophoric Blood’ rips out of the starting gate with some brilliant riffing that brings to mind the Teutonic majesty of latter day Kreator, while the snarling vocals mix perfectly. Pyrophoric means something that ignites in air temperature btw, which although no doubt stunningly painful, makes this title TOTALLY metal. The chuggy goodness of ‘Bayonet Penetration’ follows suit, conjuring riffs that inspire the most violent of headbanging.’Nazi Face Melter’ is probably the best metal song name of the year. Probably. Suppressive Fire have opened the Ark of the Riffvenant and brought forth speed metal chaos.

‘Thy Flesh Consumed’ is my favourite track here, from the slow epic intro that is highlighted by a wondrous solo, to the galloping thrash that plays homage to everyone from Exodus to Overkill through Destruction and Death Angel. Suppressive Fire have that energy that bands like Municipal Waste reinjected the scene with when they first appeared, but arguably have more strings to their bow than just straightforward, shredding thrash. This track shows the variety that they’re capable of. ‘The Christian Crippler’ is more breakneck thrashing, and is it just me or do the vocals on this sound kinda like Lee Dorian from Cathedral in places? Maybe I’m hearing things…

Finishing strongly with ‘Holy Masochism’ (Batman! Nah not really…), Suppressive Fire have concocted a brilliant first release here. These songs are all catchy as hell, the riffs are fantastic, the solos are melodic and memorable and the vocals are vintage thrash. If these guys don’t get a major label deal and a fucking Ed Repka cover before long, I’ll eat my hat. And by hat, I mean VIKING HELMET!