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Summon - Helios

The new EP from Portugal’s Summon is called ‘Helios’ and it is a three track odyssey through a journey of morbid black and death metal released through Godz ov War Productions.

Split into three parts, ‘Helios I’ is a clattering, yawning chasm of utter filth and raging depravity. The production is murky, screams echo from untold places of horror and the changes in pace from rampant ferocity to dismal, sludgy crawls is foul genius. ‘Helios II’ rises from fiery blasphemy into a bigger, more powerful adversary to the light. Waves of doom build from below, on which tortured roars rise towards a blackened sky. Powering all of this is a triumphant battery of drumming, a solid foundation for such a dark quest. ‘Helios III’ takes the black/death blueprint with which we’ve been working and slowly warps it into a maelstorm, before closing it with one of the most sinister sections of a song you’ll ever hear. Silence apart from eldritch moans, dissonant whispers and rumbling ambience really confirms that there is no souls left unsold in this band.

‘Helios’ is a record that is an epitome of darkness, of terror and subconscious fear. Summon have achieved here in twenty minutes that whcih many bands try for decades to do. This is superb.


Conquest Icon - Empire of the Worm

‘Empire of the Worm’ is the second full length album from Polish blackened death metallers Conquest Icon, and given the high bar set by many of their fellow countrymen in this field, they’ve gotta be good or it’ll stick out. The album is out now through Godz ov War Productions, and is a scorching addition to this month’s albums to review!

Opener ‘Vermin’ is straight to the point; riffs cascading from fiery guitars while blasting drums battle with an impassioned growl. You’ve got all the obvious influences at play; Behemoth, Azarath, Belphegor etc but far from being mere clones of these killer outfits, Conquest Icon strive to be equals. The waspish Deicide like assault of ‘Sacrificial Circle’ is vicious, while there is a doomy stride to the start of ‘Deathlike Shadows Rising’ that I really like. The songs are concise and tight, with very little wasted motion or pointless noodling. You can really feel the heat emanating from the face melting ‘Towards Darkness’; a dense wall of flame wrought from fretboards, cymbals and vocal chords.

The brutal and blasphemous aesthetic runs throughout every track on ‘Empire of the Worm’, from the carnage of ‘Crown the Beast’ to the blasting holocaust of ‘Behold the Flames of Hell’. ‘Empire of the Worm’ is a record that does not compromise its sound, and while that may one day lead to a bit of staleness, today is not that day. Enjoy!

Lexington Kentucky is not number one of my list of places where a death/doom band of such awesome miserable proportions would live, but then America is slowly sliding into being a Rotting Kingdom so maybe I misjudged. Rotting Kingdom’s debut self titled EP from 2017 was fantastic, but their new record and full length debut ‘A Deeper Shade of Sorrow’ is going to build on that shattering foundation. It is out now through Godz ov War Productions.

The decrepit majesty of opener ‘Sculpted into Life by the Hand of Death’ is plain for all to see, melancholic leads building into a driving, doom stride while deathly growls echo down from above. A glorious example of the style, and more evidence that there is little more potent in music than misery and hate. ‘Barren Harvest’ follows with soulful leads and heaving swell through what you’d almost call ‘catchy’ by the end, and by the time you soar through the Bloodbath/Vallenfyre rage of ‘Absolute Ruin’ and the spiralling Opethisms of ‘The Antechambers of Eternity’, you’re about ready to crumble yourself. An underrated moment is the esoteric electronica of ‘Decrepit Elegance’, providing a calmness amongst the tempest. We close up with the title track that consolidates everything you’ve just heard into a magnificent eight minute monster.

There is little here for the short of attention span, but the more you sink into this album, the more reward you find. Rotting Kingdom are a fresh voice in a genre that struggles to move outside its constraints. They are the light that finds the doomed ship in their cover artwork, a glimmer of hope that death/doom hasn’t reached its zenith quite yet. Rotting Kingdom are another step towards that goal. Awesome

Putrid - Antichrist Above

Peruvian death metallers Putrid have released their second full length, ‘Antichrist Above’, this year after a career of mainly splits and EPs. It is out now through Godz ov War Productions, and will look to get them noticed above the sea of South American underground violence. The cover with a bloodstained book, goat skull and candles will give you an idea of the kind of Satanic racket within…

Opener ‘Warfare in Golgotha’ is a cacophonous assault of raging guitar that instantly brings to mind early Sepultura and Sarcofago. A cloying atmosphere coats the murky ‘Pig of Liars’ and the rabid riffing of the title track, while the animalistic screams of ‘The Corpse of the Messiah’ reinforce the primal nature of this kind of metal. South American extremity always seems fuelled by something darker and rawer, as if a more ancient evil dwells there than over here. It gives all of their music an extra dose of authenticity and when done to perfection, like in the murderous ‘The Great Serpent Awaits Us’, there is not much better in life.

If we ever needed more proof that South America breeds the rawest, fastest and most brutal metal on the planet, look no further than ‘Antichrist Above’. Putrid’s new record is as straight to the point as they come. Vicious, uncompromising and fast as all hell, ‘Antichrist Above’ is awesome stuff.

Necrochaos - Crawling Through Cadavers

Released as a three track demo last year, German black/death/doom metallers Necrochaos have had their ‘Crawling Through Cadavers’ rereleased by Godz Ov War Productions, including two extra bonus tracks exclusive to the CD release. What lies beneath is dark, dense and at times truly horrifying.

The opening title track is a blitzkrieg of serpentine riffing, drenched in an atonal murk that feels very otherworldly. A cacophonous battery assaults the ears while an unholy growl roars from the very depths of existence. This is supremely nasty stuff, an endless torrent of hellacious guitar tone and guttural roars. ‘Disgrace is His Law’ barely stops for breath, while the black magma crawl of ‘Once the Blood Clots’ is suffocating and relentless. The tempo changes show that Necrochaos can handle blistering speed and a monolithic trudge where necessary. ‘Engulfed in Chaos’ is replete with the former, while closer ‘Caves of Void’ brings the latter with power.

As an opening salvo to a career, Necrochaos couldn’t have hoped for a better result. ‘Crawling Through Cadavers’ is a tour de force of suffocating, miasmic death metal with doom breakdowns and blackened atmosphere. A melting pot of tremendous potential.

Polish thrashers Warfist bring the riffs on their latest full length ‘Grünberger’, and their intoxicating blend of heavy riffing and speed plays right into the Killchain’s wheelhouse. It is out now through Godz ov War Productions.

Drawing deep from the well of The Haunted, ‘Grünberger’ is a massive sounding record, as each riff is thick and chunky. There’s a bit of Dew-Scented in there too, and it is refreshing to hear some thrash that doesn’t just steal from either the Bay Area or Sodom. This is deathly, dense thrash riffs with a rough edged production which gives it a bit of grit. The neck snapping speed of ‘The Burning Flames of Ignorance’ is a delight, as is the thunderous chug of ‘The Punishment’ and the poisonous edge to the title track sneaks some blackened action in there too.

Everything you need in a metal album is right here. Warfist have all the riffs you’d need to make a good night of it, an infectious turn of pace and a guitar tone that’ll inspire many pits from here on. ‘Grünberger’ is a beast of record, full of energy and heaviosity that makes it a must. By the time the rampant ‘Atrocious Saviour’ brings the record to a close, you’ll be broken, battered and thoroughly entertained! Fuck Yeah!

Gruzja - I iść dalej

The debut record from Polish black metallers Gruzja, ‘I Iść dalej’, is out now through Godz ov War Productions, and immediately faces an uphill task in standing out within the seething cauldron of the Polish black metal legions. But they take an interesting approach…

Gruzja’s approach to black metal is much like the scathing fire of Impaled Nazarene or necropunk Darkthrone. Their forte isn’t the supreme blasphemy, nor the icy introspection, but a kind of filthy, Bathory/Celtic Frost primal racket, layered with an uncomfortable tone. Songs are dosed in a poisonous smog, with a nasty edge to everything they do. The savage ‘Gruzini’ howls from the speakers with venomous rage, while the more midpaced grind of ‘Moja Ratyzbona’ has a rusted, ragged edge to it. Imagine Marduk if they were all junkies, and you can get a rough idea. It isn’t all one dimensional however; the likes of ‘Manam’ does have a bit of space to breathe, and the unsettling, industrial crawl of ‘Ilu nas było?’ brings to mind Anaal Nathrakh.

‘I Iść dalej’ is a record that rips at you with a nasty attitude, but also is capable to unsettling you deeply. Part vicious feral animal, part hypnotising void scraping, Gruzja don’t compete with their countrymen and their ideas of black metal. This is a record that sounds like no one else, and for that there is much commendation.

Popiół - Zabobony

The debut from Polish pagan black metallers Popiół is out now through Godz ov War Productions, and looks to add itself to the ranks of slightly off-piste black metal albums that melts folk and pagan rituals into the belching cauldron of black metal and creates something furious

A thoroughly deep, dense and absorbing album from the outset, ‘Zabobony’ hurls itself from your speakers with a Drudkh-like style. Opener ‘Wybiło’ twists and writhes through pagan atmospherics, and there is a definitive feel of eerie forests where dark and eldritch rituals are performed. The cold chanting of ‘Gdy słońce zgaśnie’ lends a touch of ancient darkness to the cascading tremolo riffing, and the smatterings of acoustic guitar are as haunting and blackened as the fiery force of distortion scorched riffing. Popiół infuse every piece with a melodic melancholy, and the richness of the textures woven through the songs belie their short career. Popiół are not afraid of the sweeping, majestic song structures that create these vast vistas of black metal; landscapes and environments that creak with an ancient knowledge and wistful remembrance.

‘Zabobony’ is a record that enchants and bewitches, drawing you in with the promise of bestowing a sight of the beyond. I was hooked within two songs, and an hour later I was ready to hear it all again. Intensely melodic and drowning in atmosphere, this is black metal for an ancient age.

Pig's Blood - A Flock Slaughtered

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin comes the second record from death metal destroyers Pig’s Blood. ‘A Flock Slaughtered’ is out now through Godz ov War Productions, and is a half hour assault to the head and neck area.

The rumbling savagery of opener ‘Gates Ripped Open’ lays the groundwork for the aural smackdown about to occur. This is brutally heavy, with a dense chainsawing guitar tone raping and pillaging your senses while a thunderous low end and battery of drums shakes the ground. What I really appreciate about this record is the thickness of the sound. It’s suffocatingly heavy, with barely any chinks of light poking through. Throat shredding growls howl over the churning Obituary worship of ‘Violent Spirit of Decadence’, while there’s a sludgey Autopsy-esque nightmare waiting those who listen to ‘Maniacal Triumph’s Embrace’.

‘A Flock Slaughtered’ is over before you’re really ready for it to be, and I itched to turn it straight back on. Primal evil soaks through each riff, blood gargles in every growl, and the maddening stabbing solos that punctuate the tracks combine to create a great record. Get this asap if you like your death to be a little dark and dense.

Dalkhu - Lamentation and Ardent Fire

Slovenian black metallers Dalkhu have impressed me in the past with previous album ‘Descend…into Nothingness’ which I reviewed here. Therefore, their new record on Godz ov War Productions, Lamentation and Ardent Fire’, really has big shoes to fill. Let’s see if they can equal or even improve.

Opener ‘Profanity Galore’ builds slowly, with tribal drumming coupling with cold melodies and then a jagged thrust of molten black metal spews forth. Dalkhu balance the fine line of fiery, fearsome black metal with dashes of ice cold melody, like snowfall on lava. ‘I Am’ gallops like prime Marduk; an endless torrent of thrashing riffs that flow from the depths of hell. Dalkhu’s attack is nothing short of relentless, and even when the pace slows slightly, there is an air of menace lurking there in the darkness of ‘A Race Without Hope’, ready to bite the seeking hand.

While devastating us with blackened death rage in the likes of ‘Gaps of Existence’, or claiming our souls in the more menacing moments, Dalkhu build on the great work they started with ‘Descend…into Nothingness’ and create something even darker and heavier. ‘Lamentation and Ardent Fire’ will probably be an underrated record this year, but it is a stunning piece of music and deserves your attention.