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Polish black metal has a bit of a reputation for being fiery in its rhetoric and particularly nasty and vicious in musical execution. Outre follow this example in a much more subtle and eerie way on ‘Ghost Chants’.

Take ‘Chant 1: Departure’ for example. It opens with a mantric, droning evilness, complete with creepy hypnotic chanting, before exploding into stellar Behemoth worship in ‘Chant 2: Shadow’. There’s an uneasy dissonance to it, which intersects with the more firebrand black metal elements that gives us that Deathspell Omega-esque tone to it. It’s disturbing to the core, and that makes it instantly special. There’s a dense malevolence to it brought by the vocal acrobatics of Stawrogin. He shrieks, rasps and chants his way through, hooking you instantly into the album.

‘Ghost Chants’ is a stunning debut from a band whose name reminds me of the harrowing nightmare of Australia’s Portal. Outre do that justice, with the raging ‘Chant 3: Fall’, and the dark torrent of ‘Lament’. I especially like the ethereal groove of ‘Equlibrium’, and the magnificent closer ‘Arrival’. Outre have captured that dark, dissonance of your Deathspell Omegas or your Blut Aus Nords, and then turned up the fire on them. ‘Ghost Chants’ is a real contender for one of the most disturbingly visceral albums you will hear all year. Listen to the end of the gurgling ‘Vengeance’ and tell me I’m wrong!