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Ancient Spell - Forever in Hell

American heavy/doom/thrashers Ancient Spell have returned with ‘Forever in Hell’ their sophomore record folling 2013’s self titled debut. It’s out now of Minotauro Records, and it is thirty seven minutes of bowel rattling groove!

Opening track ‘Under Your Spell’ has a primitive, earthly rumble about it, and the heaviness is amped up by the raw snarl of vocalist Donnie Marhefka. ‘Cease to Exist’ has quite a deathly gallop to it, along with a chugging menace. The rough production job amps up the primal feeling about ‘Forever in Hell’, but I think parts could have benefitted from a sharper, crisper sound. ‘Fall of Humanity’ has this irresistable grooving stomp to it, and is my favourite track on the release.

I think Ancient Spell would definitely benefit from a better production job, because there’s some great songs hidden within that rough mix. The riffs are heavy as fuck, the throat searing vocal job suits it perfectly, and the honest to Satan thunderous groove that comes bellowing from the speakers is great. The savage ‘Eternal Embers’ is a perfect example of how good it can be. Clear it up a bit, and the next album should be fucking awesome. But ‘Forever in Hell’ will tide us over until that point.!ancient-spell/c243p!product/prd2/4239521961/ancient-spell-forever-in-hell-cd