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dreadful fate - cover.jpg

Dreadful Fate’s ‘The Sin of Sodom’ debut was originally released this summer on a limited cassette run and sold out quickly. Edged Circle Productions are rereleasing it on 12″ vinyl, and you should get one quick, as I expect this little thrash gem to sell out just as quick.

Three ripping tracks of German style thrash with a cover of Kreator’s classic ‘Tormentor’ included? This should be the easiest ten minutes of my life. Opener ‘The Sin of Sodom’ will give you no doubts as to what Dreadful Fate are here to do. Galloping thrash riffs and a raw growl, spiralling solos and frenzied drumming are all here in force, paying perfect homage to the Teutonic greats. ‘Unholy Lust’ races past with chainsawing riffs and an infectious melody, and the faithful recreation of ‘Tormentor’ is awesome.

‘The Sin of Sodom’ is one of the fastest and most pleasurable distractions I’ve come across this year. It’s so quick and good that it has to be spun repeatedly in order to truly get that thrash fix itched. You’d be forgiven for believing these Swedes are actually a lost 80s German thrash band, such is the authenticity of their approach. ‘The Sin of Sodom’ fucking rips!


Reptilian - Perennial Void Traverse

Norwegian death metal appears to have entered a bit of a renaissance recently, and I’ve been hearing good things coming from a country more known for its notorious black metal past. One of those good things is Reptilian, whose debut full length ‘Perennial Void Traverse’ is an unorthodox, shape shifting beast of insanity and brutality.

Opener ‘Swamp’ is a microcosm of what makes this debut excellent. It has the odd tonal changes, where creeping death metal then clashes with primal thrashing and an emphasis on the slightly uncomfortable. ‘Possessed by the Eyes of the Living God’ has an almost maniacal edge to it, particularly vocally, and while the average song length is over seven minutes, Reptilian waste no motion and have no filler. The slow sections are particularly effective at enhancing Reptilian’s work, for the jarring chords run deep into your synapses.

To be able to combine the creepy slowness of Coffins with the flailing, bug eyed intensity of the likes of Autopsy is no mean feat, but Reptilian do it with aplomb. Just listen to the titanic ‘Cadaverous Creature’ to see how to make an almost ten minute song infinitely rewarding. It crawls, it crushes, it lays waste to pretenders everywhere. Reptilian look to be a future star in Norwegian death, and this is their Big Bang moment.