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Being marked as a ‘landmark release’ in Indian metal is a big ask for Darkrypt to live up to. This is the place that has brought us so many great acts recently that Darkrypt need to be pretty good just to keep up with their countrymen. Fortunately, I have faith in Kunal at Transcending Obscurity when statements like this are made, so I’m looking forward to ‘Delirious Excursion’, coming out in October.

From the ponderous intro ‘The Becoming Alteration’ comes a fire breathing monster in ‘Dark Crypt’, where riffs most murderous come tearing from the cemetaries of vintage Scandinavian death metal. Lacking the buzzing HM2 pedal, but summoning the feel of classic Swedeath (mixed at Unisound Studios by Dan Swano helps) shot through by morbid melodies, ‘Chasm of Death’ has an undead swagger about it. The guitar work is stellar, and really helps to accentuate the switches between relentless chugging and spiralling solos, particularly the beautiful solo in ‘Cryptic Illusions’. The gloomy darkness of ‘Folie à Deux’ is also punctuated with a skillful solo, and this injection of virtuoso guitar work is key to setting them apart from other death metal bands.

Also key to this release are two of its guest appearances, the incorrigible Rogga Johansson of Paganizer et al and Nitin Rajan of Primitiv (one of the subcontinent’s most potent acts). Both add a great deal to a record that already bursts with death metal fury. Rogga lends his talents to the aforementioned ‘Cryptic Illusions’, and boy is it a stormer! The rumbling ‘Inducer’ is where the Primitiv influence comes in deep, but you can also feel an earth shaking Bolt Thrower lean in other tracks too. Darkrypt have crafted a combination of some of the finest death metal styles into a hell of a record. Seek this out if you appreciate skull cracking brutality and evil melodies!