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In Obscurity Revealed - Grim Fumes of Revelation

The debut EP from Mexicans In Obscurity Revealed is out in but a month’s time on Blood Harvest Records, and it is a bleak, nihilistic slab of twisted decay. If this is a precursor to their upcoming full length then count me in, because ‘Grim Fumes of Revelation’ is excellent.

The burning hatred that fans the flames of opener ‘Storms Conjured’ blinds like the noonday sun, with scathing riffage slicing through flesh and bone. In Obscurity Revealed are raw, but not incomprehensible. Their material is more of the surgeon’s knife than the frenzied bludgeoning of some black/death metallers. But that knife is coated in disease, leading to the atonal melodies that spiral around the main, barbed riff.

‘Varcolaci’ continues this path, with an opening riff that is as icy cold as anything to come out of Norway 20 years ago, but leading into the twisted offspring of Marduk and Deathspell Omega. Black metal is no longer one dimensional, and these new bands breathe new, fetid life into the black and white corpse that old school black metal has become. By injecting glorious, raging energy into the genre again, In Obscurity Revealed show that you don’t have to buck the blueprint a lot, but if its executed well, it is a fucking delight. ‘Grim Fumes of Revelation’ is that delight, now spill blood in the name of GRIMNESS!

This two man, Swedish/German collaboration of crushing death called The Malice have dropped their debut EP ‘Malevolent Creature of Kings’ upon us, and it is a savage amalgamation of some of the USA’s finest death metal styles, from the punishing relentlessness of Nile to the waspish fury of Hate Eternal. You can source the EP at the band’s Bandcamp site.

Opener ‘Namtaru’ explodes in a fury of blasting, brutal growls and rapid fire riffing that engages a furious bout of headbanging. Blastbeats rain down upon you, while razor sharp riffing slashes at every vein or tendon. Evisceration by riff seems inevitable, and that feeling only grows with the superlative ‘Malevolent’. The Malice are supremely heavy, with riffs spraying in all directions and an immense roar powering the band forward.

This is sleek, modern death metal that is down the same lines as the fury of Hour of Penance, or the savagery of Decapitated. Closer ‘Abusing the Virgin of Khadi’ is my favourite track here, bludgeoning you into submission with wild guitar heroics and an innate hunger for blood that is just perfect. The Malice could be a new 2016 highlight for me. RIFFS!!

Carnal Garden are a Greek death metal project put together by members of Pigskinner and Abyssus. Their debut EP, ‘On the Final Day’ was released digitally just before Christmas, and they are currently looking for a label to release it physically. Somebody snap this up!

‘Through Darkness and Dust’ has the kind of slow burn intro that doesn’t quite prepare you for what is coming. The dense guitar tone that kicks in, with a malevolent thickness to it, has an almost eastern tone to it. The metal is raw, unpolished, but you can feel the filthy sludgey undercurrent to it that reeks of untapped potential. There’s a dash of Coffins, a bit of Autopsy, even the chainsaw riffing of the finest Swedish death. While Abyssus plys a more Obituary-esque brand of death, Carnal Garden is more sludgey than that. Not that there isn’t more than a hint of ‘Cause of Death’ about the grinding ‘World Infected’.

‘The Smell of Sulphur’ brings together those two main influences in a jaw droppingly brutal groove. It’s pure Florida death, wrapped in darkness. I feel like I’ve discovered some ancient Obituary demo that no one knew about. Closing with the equalling crushing ‘From the Catacombs’, Carnal Garden need to be snapped up asap to get this out on disc! Highly fucking recommended