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Innards - Back from the Grave, Straight in Your Face!!

The debut EP from Portuguese deathgrinders Innards is only a mere three tracks, but that’s probably as much as the world was ready for right now. This relentless, grinding slab of death metal feels more at home in the grim north than sunnier climes but hey, what do I know. It is out now through Transcending Obscurity.

The start of ‘Intro – The Night of the Anthropophagus’ is basically the story of the album cover, which is totally cool. After which, a brutal chainsaw riff gallops through its victims, and a nasty growl spits bile over a solid d-beat/crust assault. This is death metal in its rawest form, all speed and fury with little to no subtlety. It’s fucking great too, and if to boost their credentials even more they get a solo from Sodom’s Frank Blackfire and guest vocals from Kam Fucking Lee on the lightning fast brutality of ‘Enlightment Through Hate’. Close with the slightly slower crush of ‘The Fog’, steamrolling everything in front of it and you’ve got yourself a hell of a debut.

If you dig Repulsion, Grave or early Carcass then Innards is for you. An almst untouchable EP, these guys are going to be incredible on a full length and I cannot wait for it. Hopefully it won’t take too long. Death metal is eternal, and Innards prove it.

Exhumed - Horror

First published on the Sleeping Shaman:

What more do you need to say about gory death metal icons and legends Exhumed? Well nothing really, as their musical legacy will always speak much louder, so simply put ‘Horror’ is their newest work and it fits into their discography as neatly as a mortician’s saw through bone. Continuing their 2010s comeback with stronger and more mature material, ‘Horror’ is their reminder that they can still shred with the best of them.

Opener ‘Unsound’ is an immediate knife thrust to the jugular, where you’re hit with instant brutality and savage vocals. Maddening solos puncture the assault, as a relentless drumming battery powers everything along at a breakneck speed. Anyone who thinks Exhumed would have mellowed with age have no idea what they are on, as this is as fresh and exhilirating as they have ever been. Beset by some killer thrash riffs, ‘Ravenous Cadavers’ follows suit and the more said about the grinding carnage of ‘Scream Out in Fright’ the better.

Exhumed have really re-embraced their grinding roots on ‘Horror’, with the longest song, ‘Slaughter Maniac’, clocking in at a mere 2:23. The band are going hell for leather with the shred and the grind here, tearing through prime cuts like ‘Ripping Death’ and the superlative grinding of ‘Rabid’ like there was no tomorrow. It always feels good when a band that has been on the go since 1990 can come back feeling vibrant and vicious, not just rehashing the same old songs. It has been a long time since Exhumed were this precisely savage, and it is welcome.

You get fifteen songs in twenty six minutes, which feels both too short and yet absolutely perfect. There is no messing about, just gory guitar work laced with some poisonous vocals and the confidence of veterans just hammering out great material. Not every album needs to be an epic, and in Exhumed’s case this makes you want to experience the whole thing again straight away. I mean, the best song here is called ‘Naked, Screaming and Covered in Blood’, if that doesn’t make you want to throw horns and go crazy then what will?! ‘Horror’ reminds everyone that all these new bands are great, but sometimes there is nothing quite as satisfying as the old school.

Jengloth - Jengloth

In preparation for their newest record, ‘News Fried Chicken’, I thought I’d check out Indonesian deathgrinders Jengloth’s self titled debut full length from 2015, released through Brute! Productions.

It will fail to surprise you that the band manage to cram 18 tracks into 28 minutes, and also that this is fucking nasty, brutal, super fast stuff. But it is liberally sprinkled with melody too, even in the first track, which thrashes hard but still spouts memorable riffs. ‘Hompimpa’ is a short violent stabbing of a track, while the ‘epic’ (read 4 minute) ‘Leak’ is some catchy , European style death metal awesomeness. Imagine the ferocity of Cephalic Carnage mixed with a venom laced needle of Rotten Sound or some Nasum in there too. The album cover suggests some tongue in cheek humour too but that is lost in translation to me.

‘Jengloth’ clatters and thrashes with all the energy and hatred that you’d imagine this sort of deathgrind to. The additional melody crammed in there really adds to this however, and doesn’t just make the record one dimensional and boring. This is one of the more varied grind albums I’ve heard this year, and with a bit more work this band will be great!

Hierophant - Spawned Abortions

Now I’m not always one for reviewing such short releases, because it can be difficult to tell if a band are truly great over the course of two songs. But, since one of them is a Bolt Thrower cover, I feel like it falls into my mandate! ‘Spawned Abortions’ is the newest release from Italians Hierophant, whose ‘Great Mother: Holy Monster’ record from 2013 I really enjoyed. ‘Spawned Abortions’ is out now!

The title track is a nasty slab of old school brutal death metal, with superb guitar riffs and guttural roars covering all the bases you need. What I really like though is that it has a grindcore edge, which adds that little extra piece of savagery to it. The Bolt Thrower cover is ‘Realm of Chaos’, and Hierophant do this all time classic justice, delivering the material in a respectful and energised form. ‘Spawed Abortions’ is very short but definitely worth a listen, as the band continue their destruction of the underground.

Mule Skinner - Airstrike

NOLA hardcore deathgrinders Mule Skinner left a 20 plus year gap between their underappreciated debut ‘Abuse’ and their latest slab of nastiness, ‘Airstrike’, and it feels like they haven’t missed a beat. An album that oozes with a confident and almost maniacal edge, it is out now through F.O.A.D. Records. Prepare yourself for half an hour of venomous power.

Savage violence is the name of the game here, with opener ‘Suicide Vest and the title track immediately striking you firmly across the face. Blasting carnage with hardcore roars pepper your ears, while the whole shebang is coated in this horrid, Lousiana murk. They’ve inherited that NOLA grime that has become somewhat of a trademark of that city’s music scene, and while the quick parts are killer, it is the descent into roiling, uncomfortable groove that really strikes me. ‘Chocking Agent’ gets both parts perfectly, while the razor sharp ‘Battle Worshiper’ comes with a layer of rust, designed not just to lacerate but also to infect.

A pioneer in the fertile breeding grounds of nihilism that NOLA became, Mule Skinner are as important as EyeHateGod and Soilent Green in this part of the world. ‘Airstrike’ should give them the platform to prove it once more. Imagine Terrorizer or Brutal Truth but covered in tar, and you’ll know what Mule Skinner are all about. Excellent stuff.

Raw Decimating Brutality - Era Matarruana

Portuguese grinders Raw Decimating Brutality’s new record, ‘Era Matarruara’ is fifteen tracks of unhinged brutality designed purely to smash your face in. It is out now through Vomit Your Shirt Records and is a fine 28 minute exercise in extremity.

Possessed of the same spirit as the likes of Wormrot or Rotten Sound, ‘Era Matarruana’ attacks with a maddening fury, each track burning with blastbeats, ravaged by deathly riffs and beset by vicious growls and screams. Basically like every good quality grindcore record you can think of. ‘Roda em Chamas’ is catchy, in the same way a tropical disease is, while ‘Sob a Égide do Deus Cornudo’ has a killer, Dismember-like guitar tone to it. In fact, Raw Decimating Brutality are clearly influenced by death metal strongly, considering the amount of chunky riffing and admittedly catchy melodies seeping through all the brutal blasting.

‘Era Matarruana’ zips past with razorblade aplomb, kicking ass and slitting throats as it goes. Like all great grindcore records, it minimises the fucking about and maximises the savagery. Incorporating a chunky death metal riff sound helps immensely, and there is no track that lets you down. Raw Decimating Brutality live up to their name indeed.

Stench Price (Grind Supergroup) cover art

When you get the pleasure of reviewing a release from what is an honest to Satan grind SUPERGROUP like Stench Price, it kinda gives you faith in life and music again. I review lots of shit I love, hear bands that seem totally underground and unknown and I hope to give them a bit of extra publicity from it. This one however, this I’m doing simply because it is AWESOME! Involving members of Brutal Truth, Necrophagist, Cynic and Hail of Bullets, this barely needs any press release bullshit, the pedigree speaks for itself. It’s going to be out on Transcending Obscurity for all to enjoy.

Opener ‘Living Fumes’ is a massacre of the senses; with raging grinding riffs coupled with a blood gargling vocal, thrashing drums and some weird samples to throw everything just a little off kilter. The marimba (yes marimba) sections are gloriously off the wall, and help to accentuate the savagery of what follows. ‘Furnaces Burn’, featuring the legendary Rogga from more bands than you can name, has this excellent chugging death style with maddening solos that is just too short and sweet for one listen. Yet more smooth, jazzy interludes stab into the metal throughout, jarring your perceptions.

The guttural ‘Pressure’, lunging from blastbeats to freaky moments of calm and back into bludgeoning grind, is a challenge to take in at once, while the more straightforward, almost Obituary-esque rage of ‘4.27.15’ is a pleasant change. The chugging power of ‘The Genocide Machine’ is my own personal highlight here, since I’m more of a death metal fan than a grind fan, but the vareity and quality of the material here is enough to keep a fan of any genre persuasion interested.

Closing with ‘the bossanovagrinddoom’ (NEW GENRE ALERT!) of ‘The Vitality Slip’, Stench Price make a devastating impact straight away, and you can only look forward to what else will come spewing from this project in the future. Hail grind and supergroups, because this is a great example of both.


Rolf Harrisment / Primeministerial Enslamination cover art

I was drawn to this record purely because of the particularly genius album title. I mean, how can you NOT listen to this record, at least once? Fortunately Necrogrinder have captured a collection of insanely heavy slamming death metal songs to live up to that excellent title. These Sheffield, UK destroyers bring us some heavy slamming chaos!

‘Reconstituted Meat Incest’ slams like the bastard son of Dying Fetus and some spastic goregrind unit that eludes me at this present time. There’s plenty of savage riffs and massive breakdowns to wrap your brain around, and each track can inspire intense headbanging. As you can tell with some of the song titles too, there is a great sense of fun about this band, and samples from ‘Archer’ and ‘Futurama’ also helps matters. I particularly enjoyed the slamming brutality of ‘Fistorectomy’ and the bowel scraping crush of ‘Goryhole’.

If you don’t dig this kinda of death/grind/slam hybrid, then Necrogrinder are not for you. I like it in small doses, and this half hour record hits the sweet spot dead on. Planet cracking breakdowns, guttural roars, squeals and grunts lead ‘Rolf Harrisment’ firmly ahead in the quality brutal death stakes. Heavy as a motherfucker, get yourself some!

Gorgatron - Inner Supremacy

Fargo, North Dakota’s Gorgatron were formed back in 07, and play a rather obviously influenced blend of death metal and grind ala Terrorizer, Nile or Dying Fetus. Their new record, ‘Inner Supremacy’ is their sophomore, after 2010’s debut ‘Torturetorium’.

‘The Year Nineteen Nagasaki’ starts the record off with a raging, deathgrind assault that drops out into a massive groove at one point. The drumming is insane, with some slightly tinny sounding blastbeats peppering the scene. It’s a shame that the production seems a bit poor, because the music is fucking killer, but it sounds a bit thin. The razorblade attack of ‘Flesh Erosion’ is awesome, waspish deathgrind, and the title track has this great, grinding malevolent riff in the middle. It reminds me of latter period Cannibal Corpse in the surgical precision of the riffing.

The less than stellar production does actually enhance the rawness of the music. It’d be better, personally, if it was a bit meatier, but the sharp dryness of some of the riffing benefits. The music feels sharp, nasty and violent, as the full throttle ‘Thrasher Basher’ showcases perfectly. It’s relentless and brutal, and is possibly my favourite track here, although ‘Compressive Asphyxiation’ is close behind.

Closing with the triple whammy battering of ‘The Uncovering’, ‘Obsolescence’ and the brilliantly named ‘Drunken Cunt’, Gorgatron round off an impressive follow up record with sharpness, brutality and quality songs. Like I said, a better production would have made me more excited by it, but ‘Inner Supremacy’ is a ripping deathgrind record that takes influence from all the greats.

Band Websites:
Zero Budget Records

Now, the question mark is really because I don’t know how to refer to the area that includes India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh etc of which my most recent scene discovery is. Middle Asia? Indian subcontinent? Anyway, whatever it is referred to officially, I have found that, as with most places in the world, there is a thriving metal community with some pretty kick ass bands that deserve attention. So I did what seems to be the best way to find music these days; scoured Facebook and Bandcamp for acts.

My first find was a split between Pakistan’s Foreskin and Nepal’s Maowali. It’s only a track each, available on Bandcamp here. The Foreskin track is some catchy, propulsive hardcore/thrash with a very cool solo. Maowali’s track, ‘El Dhoti’ is another short, sharp burst of hardcore, sounding like a melting of Converge and Hatebreed. Cool stuff.

Next up is a band that appeared often in my searches, Binaash. A brutal and slightly unhinged deathgrind band from Kathmandu in Nepal, their debut record ‘Binaashkaari’ is available on Bandcamp here. Check out ‘Dheet’ as the track that’ll sum them up in roughly two and a half minutes of savagery. They are nasty.

My next pick are Necrodeity, who I can’t find any actual recorded music for but they have a number of live videos up on YouTube of them performing at some live events. They also do some sick Terrorizer covers here: . I think I’ll keep an eye on them, because they sound like they could have a lot of potential.

Blood Division, a Singaporean blackened d-beat band (their words, not mine) are a definitely highlight of my journey so far. They have a debut record in the works, and some of their demo material is still available. Listen here and prepare to accept them into your blackened hearts. ‘Razed in Nuclear Fire’ is another scorcher.

I’ll leave it there for tonight, but I shall return to these lands soon. They seem to have taken on the spirit of late 80s Brazilian metal with everything being raw and savage. It’s an exciting place to explore and promote, because every hard working metal band around the world deserves support. \m/