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So, when the blurb for a record comes into my email proclaiming that this is not music, these are not songs, these are ‘expressions of the unconscious’, my interest is immediately piqued. ‘To the Great Monolith I’ is the debut of Death.Void.Terror, and Iron Bonehead Productions are releasing this at the start of May. Come with me now on a journey through darkness and the subliminal.

The first track is a mammoth 24 minutes, and opens with a menacing droning, complete with the odd scream from distant abyssal plains. A sort of dissonant, evil thrumming oozes from my speakers, and the intensity starts to build from there. Waves of dense, bleak feedback squalls over your ears as shrieks plummet through darkened clouds into this miasma laid out in front of me. You get flashes of black metal, blasting and screaming, but the main aim of this appears to be to drag your innermost demons out through your ears, in the medium of blackened drone/dark ambient.

The harrowing second track does just that; a cacophonous, clashing monster of sound that will probably haunt you for a long long time. Rasping screams howl from yawning chasms of sheer, abysmal torment. ‘To the Great Monolith I’ certainly explores parts of your psyche you didn’t know were there, and are now probably irreparably damged. Hugely challenging but the sheer nihilistic exhilaration is worth the experience.