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Consecration - Fragilium

British death/doom lords Consecration have recently released their 2nd record, ‘Fragilium’, through Solitude Records, and it looks to follow their 2014 debut ‘Ephemerality’ into the realms of classic darkness, misery and bruality. I was a big fan of that record, so let’s see what lurks beneath this glorious cover art.

You know you have some proper death/doom when you have 5 tracks that total over 50 minutes, and your intro is over 7 of those! Opener ‘In Darkened Slumber’ gently leads you forward, like the forest path in a light mist, before those darker sections in the distance. Is that a tolling bell? What is out there for us to find? The answer lies in the primal death of ‘A Sentinel for the Fragile’, which belches forth with guttural growls and nasty riffs. The sodden gloom of ‘In Somnus Ego Morrior (In My Sleep I Die) is almost suffocating at points, while the glorious contrast of clean guitar and then crushing vocals and walls of miserable riffing comes to its natural conclusion in titanic closer ‘To Welcome the Grey’.

‘Fragilium’ possesses all the hallmarks of a classic death/doom record; fragile emotional heft, flowing on the primordial ocean of massive riffs. Dense, mesmerising and utterly devastating, Consecration have struck gold once again. This is incredible.

Lords of crushingly brutal death/doom Consecration, from that haven of darkness and the void (Norwich), has belched forth their debut record on UKEM Records, and what an hour and twelve minutes worth of metal this is.

Starting your debut with a track that stretches beyond 11 minutes is pretty brave I think. There’s not even an obligatory intro track or anything. Just a riff that descends the first few layers of Hell, dragging us all down with it. But this isn’t all simply bulldozer stuff; Consecration slip in many shades of grey that help the RIFF become more important when it does feature. Take the mid section of ‘In Decayed Embrace’; mostly just bass and drums, it allows the song to breathe, to progress naturally before a crushing tectonic plate comes back in, backed up by a surprisingly melodic solo.

Everything that Consecration do is enjoyable. From the brutal Swedeath stomp on ‘Buried Alive’ and the rampant ‘Echoes of the Dead’, to the rumbling malevolence of ‘The Visitant’, Consecration approach their craft with dedication and passion. Each growl, each chord, each beat is where it needs to be, and there is little wasted motion. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I am seriously bored of death metal bands that are all smash smash smash with little or no dynamics. Consecration harken back to a time where bands stood out for being different, for writing songs that stuck in your head.

‘Emphemerality’ is an album that ebbs and flows, gracefully combining the brutality of early 90s death metal and the slow, effortless heaviness of doom. A guttural snarl from a gouge in the Earth, where the crust meets the roiling lava fields. This is primal music, and you will be all the richer for hearing it.