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Do I even need to tell you what riff I’m on about? Electric Wizard, who have written riffs heavy enough to crack planets and sink continents, may never top this one. The titan main riff to the opening track of ‘Come My Fanatics’ is staggering in more ways than one. The simplicity of it is probably its greatest attribute, a slow motion dirge that evokes the end of the world, buildings falling into choking dust. It’s the Wizard’s finest riff, and it encompasses everything that is essential about the band and their sound. It’s huge, fuzzy and pure doom menace.

It may not be my favourite Wizard riff, that honour probably goes to ‘The Nightchild’ from 2010’s ‘Black Masses’, but ‘Return Trip’ is probably the most iconic, and the most representative of what Electric Wizard are. I once requested this in a rock bar in Glasgow, and watched as everyone sat and thought ‘what the fuck is this?’ Except for me, and one young lad who ran up to me and said, ‘Dude, what is this, its fucking awesome?’ ‘This is Electric Wizard son’ I replied, ‘and you should seek out more’