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The demo of Denmark’s black metal dissonance peddlers Serpent’s Lair, ‘Demo MMXIV’, was very well received in the underground, and here at the Killchain too. Serpent’s Lair have returned with a debut full length, the scathing rage of ‘Circumambulating the Stillborn’, out now on Hellthrasher Productions in CD form, and Fallen Empire/Duplicate on vinyl.

After the intro track ‘Epiphaniea’, the winding, almost psychedelic black metal journey of ‘Epistemology of Death’ begins. A raging piece of dissonant black metal, the sheer fury of this blackened torrent is impressive. What works even more convincingly is when Serpent’s Lair slow things down a bit, and the atonal menace really begins to shine through. The title track’s malevolence is stronger during the slower sections, while a bloodgargling vocal brings to mind the scornful power of Watain.

‘Mortui Vivos Docent’ starts with eerie clean guitar, building towards an inevitable explosion of tremolo riffing, furious blasting and a tortured, rasping howl that just screams vintage Deathspell Omega. When the riffs slow, you begin the slow, inexorably descent towards hellfire and brimstone. ‘Circumambulating the Stillborn’ is a black metal album full of dark corners and unsettling tones. Serpent’s Lair are a masterful proposition, full of intrigue, menace, and most importantly, damn fine music. Hail to darkness!