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Chthonic Cult - I Am the Scourge of Eternity

So, a four track, 47 minute record by a band called Chthonic Cult, on Iron Bonehead, with a cover that looks like that? I’m gonna guess its the musical encapsulation of every madness causing entity HP Lovecraft ever dreamt up. Guess what? I wasn’t that far away!

Opener ‘As the Void Beckons’ roars with barely contained rage; a scything death metal blade straight through your heart, vibrating your very soul. As twelve minute opening tracks go, this bucks the trend. No slow build, no overly long samples. Just bloodcurdling death metal, soaked in black metal atmospheres and a vocal that has something vaguely unsettling about it. It barely even slows in its assault, although a menacing chug that makes a few appearances, is pretty badass. When a spacious quiet rears its head after a full nine minutes, the looming dark doom appears.

What Chthonic Cult build within this album, however, is a vast space for this music to breathe. Yeah, there is a razor sharp savagery about each riff, but with the song lengths comes opportunities to grow each song. Take that earth shaking close to the opener where black and doom mesh into a maddening brutality, or the looming insanity of ‘The Abyss Triumphant’, Chthonic Cult build their black/death/doom hybrid with shades of grey, so each mammoth song feels like part of a journey.

The Triptykon like crunch of ‘Asunder!’ seems to portray what Chthonic Cult want to become; a perpetual entity of darkness and brutal existence. The further gestation of this project is going to be very interesting, because with such a definitive debut statement, one wonders where Chthonic Cult will take their next steps. They are defining extremity within dense ritualistic music, creation defined by madness incarnate. ‘I Am the Scourge of Eternity’ is one of the most impressive albums I have come across in recent times, and if you have the time to sink into its dark waters, you’ll find yourself drawn deeper into their crushing infinity.