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Thy Serpent's Cult - Supremacy of Chaos

The third and final album from cult Chilean death metallers Thy Serpent’s Cult is somewhat of a bittersweet moment for me, having only just discovered this band and then finding that there will be no more. I appreciate in this massive world of metal we have that we’ll never be able to listen to everything, but this is SO right up my street. It is out now on Ordo MCM, and is a fitting sendoff.

Crushing immediately with the title track, Thy Serpent’s Cult have an instantly gratifying old school approach to their death metal. Chunky riffing that brings to mind Bolt Thrower or Asphyx, coating in a grimy production that is pure South American. Determined to keep everything early 90s death metal, ‘Diabolic Force’ is defiantly and one dimensionally brutal, while the churning ‘Pedophilac Priest’ is a devastating blow. You could take almost any track here and be enthralled by the band’s old school aesthetics, even their album cover looks like it was made in 1993.

‘Supremacy of Chaos’ is eleven songs in 36 minutes of straight forward, no bullshit death metal. There’s no need for innovation, there’s no need for anything from the past 25 years or so. Thy Serpent’s Cult go out in a blaze of fire and destruction; their epitaph is their dedication to their craft and their sound. This record is a beauty.


Normally I don’t review splits very often, as their juxtaposition of bands can sometimes be a bit jarring for someone that mostly listens to complete records, but I’ve come to enjoy the Chilean contribution to South America’s metal scene recently, and ‘Wrath of Darkness’ is a split between two forces in this underground mecca, Wrathprayer and Force of Darkness. Both draw from a black metal wellspring, but in different yet collaborative ways. This split is coming out on Nuclear War Now! Productions in a mere 2 weeks!

This split is an entirely collaborative effort, from artwork to musical direction and so has a lot more cohesion than a lot of splits do. Wrathprayer take first stab with the creepy intro and the suffocating, oppressive ‘Tria Serpentis’. Howling roars from deepest abyssal plains, belching horrors untold as chasms are torn asunder by dense, rippling riffs of the darkest, deathly black metal. ‘De Profundis’ is even bleaker, led in by tortured screaming and howling winds of blackened death. They leave a huge challenge for Force of Darkness to meet on their part.

Fortunately ‘Wall of Fire’ proves to be more than up to the challenge, with fire breathing ferocity powering us along at breakneck speed. A surprisingly melodic solo punctuates a song that is more waspish, traditional black metal than Wrathprayer’s contributions. ‘Nunc Scio Tenebris Lux’ is another scorcher that, despite its fuzzy guitar tone and screaming vocal, does nothing to stop being the most memorable song here. The powerful ‘The Order’ finishes their contribution as Force of Darkness sail off on black waters through their outro.

‘Wrath of Darkness’ is an excellent release that really showcases two starring lights in the Chilean extreme metal scene. Wrathprayer keeps everything dense and dark, while Force of Darkness has a bit more melody and some furiously catchy songs. Make a note of its release folks!

South American two man project of black/death metal? Man, it’s such a cliche but with that mere description you just KNOW it’s gonna kick ass. It might be derivative, it might even suck, but that kind of tag line will always make me pay attention. Hades Archer are from Chile, and their ‘Temple of the Impure’ record is a fire breathing explosion of nasty riffs and boiling hatred. Due out in October on Hells Headbangers, it is time for violence.

Unholy incantations lead us into the storming ‘Chaos Teratosis Chimeras’, in which torrents of blastbeats pour from the speakers while the more measuredly vicious ‘The Gods Sold This World from Destruction’ is a swaying, hypnotic second wave black metal classic in modern dressings. There are some delightful moments of pure musical greatness lurking amongst the murk of Temple of the Impure’, where you just break out into a smile at how cool that little melody was (‘Hecate Undressed’) or how visceral some of the riff and vocal combinations feel (‘Apollyon’s Brightness’).

‘Temple of the Impure’ is an album that challenges perception of what South American black/death is supposed to sound like. Not only comfortable at 100mph, it is in fact their more measured and doomier moments that are the highlights, and Hades Archer stand above such one dimensional cliches now. ‘Temple of the Impure’ is a record that everyone should drop before and worship, for in this darkness is greatness.

Chilean duo Crime have exploded out of the rock and roll underground in South America with their debut tape ‘First Crime’, out now on Shadow Kingdom Records. Three tracks of energetic, punkish heavy metal invade your ears, inspiring the raising of horns and the thrashing of necks.

Opener ‘Highway Robbery’ takes a while to get going thanks to a lengthy and creepy intro, but once it kicks into high gear it provides delightful Venomisms with some killer hooks. Galloping leads mesh with a squealing solo that invokes fond memories of early German thrash, while raspy vocals match up perfectly. Same with the infectious ‘Give Your Life to the Ruin’, where the urge to air guitar furiously increases with every minute.

Closing with the rampant ‘We Shall Destroy’, it is amazing how a short sharp burst of raucous energy can really reinvigorate your love of heavy music. Crime may steal every trick in the book, but ‘First Crime’ is a love note to the genuine roots of the genre and therefore you can be forgiven all of your sins when you make us all remember how fun metal used to be.

Porta Daemonium - Serpent of Chaos

Chilean blackened death metallers Porta Daemonium have long been hidden away from us through self released digital recordings but no longer! Blood Harvest are bringing us their debut full length ‘Serpent of Chaos’ on vinyl, and what a fearsome slab of South American extremity it is…

Opener ‘Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas’ (a phrase meant to open the gates of Hell) certainly does, with haunting growls lurking within hellish murk, before the howling frenzy of ‘Via Sinistra’ comes roaring behind. A molten beast of darkness and rage, Porta Daemonium have an impressive density to their music, and a threatening buzz to their guitar tone as well that reminds me of old Swedish death metal. Unstoppable percussive force powers the visceral ‘The Blood of the Dark Madness’, while ancient Immolation-isms weave their way through the brutal ‘To the Left of God’.

‘Serpent of Chaos’ is as cutting edge an old fashioned death metal record as you can get. The musicianship is amazing, the atmosphere is nasty and the authenticity is spot on. Ferocious in execution, yet barely derivative and packed with insane moments of brutality, Porta Daemonium may have become my new favourite death metal band of 2017, and ‘The Apep’s Chaotic Dreams’ takes heaviness to new lows. Worship the ancient ground this beast walks upon, for you are not worthy of their gifts.

Chilean lords of darkness and death Infamovs have exploded onto the international scene with ‘Under the Seals of Death’, their debut full length that is gracing us early next year through the fantastic and always reliable Memento Mori label. ‘Under the Seals of Death’ is a half hour exercise in what death metal, South American style, is all about.

Opener ‘Into the Death’  is typical of the whirlwind howl that prvades this record from the start. A howling, deathly wind tunnel of a song where dense riffing curls around morbid growls to satiate even the most hungry for death. There’s traces of early Floridian death metal, particularly Deicide in the guttural rage of ‘Impure Plagiarisms’, but the innate ferocity and uncompromising brutality is pure South America. The battering carnage of ” is a personal highlight; it grabs straight to the jugular and aims for the kill.

The irresistable drive of Infamovs to steamroll all those who stand in the way is achieved purely through their chunky, deathly riffage that both enraptures and invigorates with each listen. ‘Gods of Pestilence’ thunders along like a lost Vader track, with devastating simplicity as the rumbling influences of Bolt Thrower sneak into ‘Interlude’.  And yet, you may never hear this album because of where it is made etc. But ‘Under the Seals of Death’ is looking to be the first essential record of 2017. Crushing, deathly glory!


Chilean death metallers Sadism are onto their seventh full length in a career spanning almost 30 years. ‘Alliance’ came out at the tail end of last year, and is a fiery violent slab of death metal. Their potent blend of Immolation heaviness and the ferocious assault of prime Morbid Angel is fearsome, and it will hopefully be the record that moves Sadism out of that hidden underground gem catergory.

Opener ‘Conversion’ is a perfect example of how Sadism work. Blasting, raging deathly riffs rain down upon you relentlessly, with dense chugging and furious fretwork. ‘Treblinka’ is another chugging beast, and the obvious Floridian influence runs deep within Sadism’s riffing. The South American death metal style isn’t as prevalent as that thick American style, and it makes for a refreshing shattering of preconceptions. There’s nothing fancy or overly technical about ‘Alliance’, but the pure simplicity of it is intoxicating.

Dense Immolationisms surge through the twisting, serpentine ‘Scroll’, while some serious Bolt Thrower worship sneaks into ‘Mother of Prostitutes’. Sadism’s main strength is their ability to combine all the most effective parts of death metal without becoming stale or overly repetitive. Death metal is death metal, but ‘Alliance’ is a record that invokes much headbanging and invisible oranges. Thoroughly enjoyable!