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2014 would struggle to live up to last year for major death metal masterpieces. 2013 saw the return of Carcass and Gorguts, along with stunning records from the likes of Ulcerate, Portal and Autopsy. There hasn’t been anything particularly to rival those releases this year, but what we have had has been some very good records, from some very good bands. So here is the Killchain picks for death metal records you MUST hear from 2014:

Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall

Obituary – Inked in Blood

Decapitated – Blood Mantra

Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto

Benighted – Carnivore Sublime

Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral

At the Gates – At War With Reality

Cannibal Corpse – The Skeletal Domain

Cannabis Corpse – From Wisdom to Baked

Entombed AD – Back to the Front

Hour of Penance – Regicide

Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails

Incantation – Dirges of Elysium

Vallenfyre – Splinters

Vader – Tibi Et Igni

Vermin Womb – Permanence

There’s a few I’ll have missed, as I’m still catching up with this year’s releases. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Job for a Cowboy’s ‘Sun Eater’, so that might have been a late edition. I also want to mention the awesome Sentience demo and Live Burial’s debut EP as two fantastic death metal releases for the year, and bright hopes for the future


My willpower and ability to continually blog on all I’ve listened to each day in April came to a miserable, grinding halt once the Easter Holidays kicked in at our pub. Tired every night, I couldn’t summon the energy to write. Which is a shame, because I was actually enjoying the series, and enjoying the thought process between choices. But it is more and more difficult to find the time to properly blog on stuff at the moment. So I’m doing one last list before the end of Easter time, then I will be back to it. This week, I have been mostly listening to:

Cannibal Corpse – Butchered at Birth

Sodom – Agent Orange

Destruction – Infernal Overkill

Judas Priest – British Steel

Tankard – A Girl Called Cerveza

Benediction – Transcend the Rubicon

Sodom – Epitome of Torture

Children of Bodom – Relentless, Reckless Forever

Boris – Pink

Blind Guardian – Imaginations from the Other Side

The Sword – Age of Winters

The Company Band – The Company Band

Manowar – Battle Hymns

The Black Dahlia Murder – Deflorate

Yakuza – Samsara

Converge – No Heroes

This is since my last blog, not including the shuffling of my iPod in the car, which I did happen upon ‘The Mountain Goat’ by Sigirya as being a slamming tune. My previous German thrash thing has become an obvious influence, but I am sliding in some classic death metal and some more avant garde stuff like Yakuza and Boris. And of course, some epic, fist in the air, heavy metal goodness. As Manowar puts it, ‘They can’t stop us, let them try, for heavy metal we shall die!’

I have been too busy to write a post, nor any of my reviews for Sleeping Shaman recently (SORRY LEE, I’M DOING IT NOW!!) and it only hit me tonight. So kicking off my productivity time, is my favourite records from the last week:

I really dig ‘The Mountain’ by Haken. They’re a British (London) prog metal band that have done something rather tasty with this record: a noodly, eccentric prog record that actually rocks hard in some places. It’s deliciously unpredictable, flashing from acappella singing to jarring time signatures with neither care nor abandon. It’s a great record, and you should find it.

I’ve also indulged my more brutal side and delved into two of my favourite death metal records of recent times, Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Kill’ and Hour of Penance’s ‘Sedition’. The former is STILL my favourite Cannibal record as it hones everything good about them into one vicious record. ‘Kill’ was one of the first death metal records I found to be perfectly palatable to what I was looking for in death metal. It came out the year after I first started appreciating death metal properly, and it was and still is a benchmark album for me.

Hour of Penance are a BRILLIANT band that people need to pay more attention to. They’ve not had a bad record, they are killer live, and ‘Sedition’ was one of the highlights of 2012. They should have been Italy’s great death metal band, but Fleshgod Apocalypse seemed to break out before them. Shame, because Hour of Penance are at LEAST as good, if a bit less inventive. Fleshgod are seriously good, and with Hour of Penance snapping on their heels, hopefully we could see some more good bands come out of Italy’s deepest, darkest areas.

Simply entitled ‘Kill’, this record saw Cannibal Corpse hone their sound into a razor blade sharp maelstorm of death. There has probably never been a blunter and yet more precise way of describing Cannibal Corpse. Well, maybe slay, but we’re splitting hairs really. Or skulls, whichever you prefer…

From the howl of “Kill!!” that opens the album to the closing instrumental ‘Infinite Misery’, that sways and groans like classic Immolation, the band have totally nailed it.  Produced by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal), the album is clear as a bell, never losing Corpsegrinder’s vocals under the instruments and even pulling off a great Hate Eternal impression on ‘Purification by Fire’, their producer’s work obviously influencing it. Corpsegrinder’s vocals have an uncanny ability to be seriously brutal and yet mostly decipherable, a rare talent in the world of ‘vokills’. As much as I love and respect the quality of the Chris Barnes era Cannibal, I am much more a fan of Corpsegrinder’s vocal style; it is more versatile than just low end grunts and growls. He’s also become somewhat of the band’s figurehead, er, neck.


But it is the early pairing of ‘Necrosadistic Warning’ and ‘Five Nails Through the Neck’ that are technically the most impressive tracks on the record. Both contain probably the most technical riffs the band have ever produced, and show that the band aren’t just a full steam ahead gore machine. They could also teach technical death metal bands that you can still perform epic feats of fretwork without resorting to self indulgent wankery. We all know that Cannibal Corpse have been producing top quality brutal death since their debut, but ‘Kill’ is a perfect example of how they have evolved and improved since the raw days of ‘Butchered at Birth’ and ‘Eaten Back to Life’. The catchy ‘Make Them Suffer’, dark and evil ‘Death Walking Terror’ and the brilliantly named ‘Submerged in Boiling Flesh’ are my personal highlights but there are no bad tracks here.

‘Kill’ began a trend that has led onto the brilliantly savage ‘Evisceration Plague’ and the brutal ‘Torture’. It took the band to new heights of vicious precision and technicality, without sacrificing their infamous subject matter nor their titanic sense of groove. Cannibal Corpse are by far the most consistent of the old guard of death metal, and for that they should be praised. Old and revered they may be, but records like ‘Kill’ piss over 95% of the competition even today, eight years after its release. Essential