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Буревій - Concealed Beyond the Space

Lots of albums open with a sample. Be it a movie line, thunder and lightning, or various screams from horror movies. Ukrainian pagan black metallers Bureviy open with crows cawing and tweeting birds, which feels kind of right with their elemental, mystic black metal assault that fades in after acoustic strums shy away. This is ancient Slavic nature worship, filtered through the harshest of biting, black metal winds.

First track ‘Time’ is where the most striking element of Bureviy comes into play, with the shrieking madness of White Fury. Her unhinged utterings mix well with the dark atmospheres that Bureviy put together. This is black metal in the line of fellow countrymen Drudkh, with gentile acoustics and rich clean vocal parts providing an abundance of variety, of which ‘In Bonds of Waves’ is a good example. Heathenism is the focus of ‘Concealing Beyond the Space’, and while their album art reveals a forest snowstorm, there is little of the more experimental instruments you sometime find lurking with pagan black metal. There aren’t violins, nor flutes or anything like that. This is bleak and full of despair, like a frozen shroud has descended.

The songs are a little shorter than you expect to find with this style of black metal, with only really the opener stretching to any kind of serious length. The rest don’t stray too far over the five minute mark, which for those of you who think Drudkh stretch it a bit much is probably about right. Bureviy offer more manageable lengths, and this might draw new listeners who could be put off by 17 minute epics. ‘Concealed Beyond the Space’ is a strong debut full length, and while the banshee shrieks and clean vocal interplay may not be to everyone’s taste, they set Bureviy apart from the rest of the pack.