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Nosferatruxe - Nosferatruxe

The brutality is almost bursting from the self titled debut by Bangkok, Thailand’s Nosferatruxe, which came out late last year through Brute! Productions and it is twenty four minutes of head caving, throat slitting aural torture. In the best way.

There is absolutely no space to breathe on this year, with opener ‘Coronas Blasting Annihilation’ immediately crushing you with one of the thickest guitar tones out there as unintelligible grunts and gurgles spew from your speakers. There is a barrage of clattering drums, sanity shredding soloing piercing through and the sort of relentless violence that any good brutal death record brings you. But this is truly endless violence, as it all flows together in some virulent pulsing mass of disease and putridity. The choking ‘Terrible Cosmic Froze’, the swampy ‘Infernal Gate in Demonic Mandrake’ and the drowning-in-tar-in-musical-form of ‘Lust of Gods’ really give ‘Nosferatruxe’ a lift above.

It’s a shame I’ve taken this long to get to this record, because it has been a refreshing kick up the arse from some of the stuff I’ve been listening to recently. Savage, direct and utterly devastating, it will pound you into the ground and then smear you across the concrete.

Jengloth - Jengloth

In preparation for their newest record, ‘News Fried Chicken’, I thought I’d check out Indonesian deathgrinders Jengloth’s self titled debut full length from 2015, released through Brute! Productions.

It will fail to surprise you that the band manage to cram 18 tracks into 28 minutes, and also that this is fucking nasty, brutal, super fast stuff. But it is liberally sprinkled with melody too, even in the first track, which thrashes hard but still spouts memorable riffs. ‘Hompimpa’ is a short violent stabbing of a track, while the ‘epic’ (read 4 minute) ‘Leak’ is some catchy , European style death metal awesomeness. Imagine the ferocity of Cephalic Carnage mixed with a venom laced needle of Rotten Sound or some Nasum in there too. The album cover suggests some tongue in cheek humour too but that is lost in translation to me.

‘Jengloth’ clatters and thrashes with all the energy and hatred that you’d imagine this sort of deathgrind to. The additional melody crammed in there really adds to this however, and doesn’t just make the record one dimensional and boring. This is one of the more varied grind albums I’ve heard this year, and with a bit more work this band will be great!

Osmed - Territory of Warfare

The full length debut of Indonesian death metallers Osmed is called ‘Territory of Warfare’, and it is an exercise in pure, unadulterated brutality through music. It is out now through Brute! Productions

The gallop of horses, the sound of blade into flesh, the screams of the dying; this is how Osmed start this record, crescendoing into a maelstorm of devastation and death metal fury. It is as one dimensional brutal death metal as you can imagine, with chunky slam and incomprehensible bile spewed as vocals. The record moves at a brisk pace, occasionally stopping for a mighty breakdown. The problem for me is that it’s difficult to tell the songs apart, as they all generally follow a similar generic brutal death blueprint. Don’t get me wrong, when great tracks like ‘Human Case Hatred’ or the raging ‘Bloodshed’ hit, they are excellent. It’s just a shame that the rest feels a little samey.

Well executed if prone to repetition. Osmed have carved a solid base for themselves in the genre, now they need to take the next step towards death metal glory. They’ve got the brutality level right, they just need to experiment a little with the songwriting.

Exterminated - Elements of Obliteration

Exterminated hail from the Phillipines, and are one of the first bands I’ve come across from that region recently. Their debut EP, ‘Elements of Obliteration’ was released earlier this year on Brute! Productions, and it looks to be an opening salvo to remember.

Opener ‘Existence Shall Be Torn Asunder’ is a big thick beast of a track, full of guttural death vocals that scrape the bowels of hell itself. Violently technical riffing smashes you across the face while the drums struggle to keep up. The low end and percussion provides a devastating accompaniment to a record that sounds like planets exploding. The bombardment of the excellently titled ‘Era of Infamous Psychopaths’ is relentless, as is the chugging monstrosity that is ‘Perpetual Execration’. When faced with such awe inspiring heaviness, all you can do is hold on for dear life and bang your fucking head.

Only twenty minutes long, but I immediately put it back on. ‘Elements of Obliteration’ has left me dying to hear more from Exterminated and I hope they’ll have a followup very soon. Bring on the DEATH!

Spawn of Annihilation - Insurrection

Mexican brutal death metallers Spawn of Annihilation have been around for almost a decade but their debut full length only just came out this January. ‘Insurrection’ is out now through Brute! Productions, and will appeal to fans of Hour of Penance, Suffocation and Dying Fetus.

Bursting forth with a mesmerising display of technical brutality, Spawn of Annihilation hit all those sweet spots you’ve been waiting to itch since the last Suffocation record. The low end is massive; rumbling and dense. The guitarwork is frenzied and intricate, without losing any of the powerful chug. The songwriting is tight and the vocals are guttural, doom-laden roars. Basically it ticks every box you need it to. You have both speedy (‘Absolution Through Death’) and destructive, chugging, neckwrecker tracks (‘The Era of the Vengeance Will Begin’), both careening through a gritty production that enhances each and every flesh stained note.

You’d be hard pushed to find any wasted motion on ‘Insurrection’. A cannon of devastation aimed squarely at the planet, Spawn of Annihilation have dropped one of the most engrossing and well written brutal death metal records this year, and it will crush you.

Fetal Bleeding - The Quest of Immortality

Indonesian death metallers Fetal Bleeding have released their debut full length record ‘The Quest of Immortality’ through Brute! Records, and they’ve been going for about 8 years now. I’m looking forward to sampling this musical massacre.

Opener ‘As Torture Becomes Lust’ hits you immediately with a very dense bass, chunky riffing and devastating vocals. Brutality reigns supreme through this record, with barely a space to breathe within the suffocating miasma. The production helps this feeling too, layering a thick tar over everything, increasing that black heaviness. Your obvious musical touchstones are Aborted, Suffocation, early Dying Fetus. Breakdowns crash upon you, rumbling drums constantly pound into your skull and a cavernous terror stalks the fields, destroying anything in its wake. I love the relentless violence of ‘Legion of Delusion’, the cacophonic mania of ‘Grief Cavity and the savage beating of ‘Salvation by Death’.

The record is just the right length for this style as well. You’re faced with all the awesome brutality you can cope with, but it doesn’t outstay its welcome. Riffs pile devastation on all those who listen, while bile soaked vocals churn and roil under a massive low end. Fetal Bleeding are destruction through music, and this record is great.