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Propaganda - The Mask of Sanity

Brutal death metallers Propaganda have been around since 2009, but only have one full length to their name, 2015’s ‘The Mask of Sanity’. Originally released by Brute! Productions, this record is a lost gem in the world of brutal slam and crushing death metal.

Even the intro is brutal, enschewing the traditional screaming, murderous samples for some big slamming riffs. What follows is thirty minutes of heavy, head caving brutality with little variation or originality. But to be fair to Propaganda, this is a genre that thrives on sticking to the basics and delivering the most devastating music possible. It was pretty much perfected by Devourment¬† years ago, and we’ve been doing that ever since. The chugging magnificence of ‘Blasphemous Insanity Syndrome’ is something to behold, as is the hellish death growls of ‘Rejection Living Tortured’. ‘The Mask of Sanity’ is a record that doesn’t mess around, it goes for the jugular immediately and never lets go.

The Mask of Sanity’ is a fine example of how brutal death doesn’t have to do anything new. Massive slam, crushing vocals and an aura of carnage and savagery all play their part in creating a fun record to smash things to.

Vasomortus are an Indonesian band specialising in brutal death metal, and have released their first full length record ‘Instrument Torture of Pyramid’ on Brute Productions. This is 29 minutes of technical, crushing death metal wrapped in barbed wire riff destruction.

Opener ‘Abbatoir With Plan Without Dribble Blood’ (the first of many examples of strangely worded English song titles, my personal favourite being ‘Orgy of Dismemberment Torture’), is a deep rumbling blast of brutal death, taking clear influence from the Suffocation/Deeds of Flesh school of tech brutal death. There’s blasting, and some particularly dense chugging riffing later in the song. It’s fucking heavy, and sets the standard for the rest of the album to follow.

What Vasomortus bring to the table is very solid, very heavy downtuned death metal carnage. It melds some cool technical sections with plenty of headbanging groove, and torturously slow chugs. There’s also plenty of blasting too for those who like that sort of thing. Vocally the band stick to a Chris Barnes esque roar, without much variation. It works well with the music, and doesn’t become too stale or monotonous.

Vasomortus do relentless brutality very well, with tracks running together into a cohesive whole as a record, but each standing on its own merit. The guitar tone is thick and harsh, and for a debut record, the band are very tight, and their songwriting is fluid yet disgustingly heavy in parts. Other than the dodgy English translations of their song titles, I can’t find much wrong with this. Half an hour of crushing, headbanging mayhem.