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I recently reviewed Fully Consumed’s awesome new record ‘Incendium’, to which I was then lucky enough to receive an email from a few of the members informing me about their other band, TON. TON started way back in the early 90s, but have been silent for almost 16 years until now, where they have unleashed their new record, ‘Bow Down to Extinction’ to an unsuspecting world.

‘Bow Down to Extinction’ is 90s death metal to a tee. Every song contains iconic tropes of the genre, and you can feel the genuine passion for this kind of music. You’ve got dense guitar riffs that have no trace of over technical wank, drums that thunder but don’t blast incessantly, and a deathly roar that is still perfectly coherent. Whether its in the rumbling carnage of ‘Propaganda Machine’ or the brutal ‘Severed’, TON come down upon you like the proverbial measurement of bricks.

‘Bow Down to Extinction’ is admittedly an old fashioned sort of death metal album. Playing neither the super technical breakdown laden, nor the putrid raw filth, TON inhabit a middle ground that trades each of the genre’s best parts without getting dragged down either alley. There’s a rabidity to songs like ‘Self Indulgence’ that is refreshing, and while ‘Bow Down to Extinction’ may not win any originality awards, it is certainly a contender for my great records this year list. Catchy, brutal and well written, TON’s return from the dead has been a fruitful one