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The new EP from Boethiah, ‘Celestial Gateway’, continues their path from their full length debut ‘Invocation of the Xenolith’, which I reviewed a while back, dragging the classic Swedeath sound into science fiction realms. It was released late last year through Camo Pants Records and Rotted Life Records for the CD. The band have also since set up their own label, which they reissued this on cassette earlier this year as well, Desert Wastelands.

The sinister, gurgling intro sets the scene for the cosmic, spectral horror that is about to unfold. First track proper ‘Charting the Unknown’ has all the same Swedeath chugging viciousness that we loved about their debut record, ensorcelled by dreamy spacey weirdness, and it carves out a more unique place for Boethiah in this world of copycat death metal bands. The more midpaced thunder on this EP is a refreshing move away from identikit Swedeath thrashing, and every riff is coated in a darker, oiler tone. ‘Succumbing to the Maelstrom’ is brutally dense and dark, while the stunning melodies of ‘Beneath the Mist’ languish under a steamroller of chainsaw riffing.

‘Celestial Gateway’ is a step up from their last, and Boethiah are carving their own maelstrom of darkness in metal’s galaxy. Far away, ever present and awaiting their time to engulf us all in blackness, ‘Celestial Gateway’ is merely another step on the path to celestial dominance.

Boethiah worship at the bloodstained altars of Dismember, Asphyx and Grave, and their new record ‘Invocation of the Xenolith’ is testament to the dedication to that sound that they have. An entirely self produced and self released record, these Californians have created something very nasty and rampant. It is out now!

The opening title track contains all the hallmarks of Swedish death that we all love; chainsawing riffs, throat shredding roars and chaotic drumming. Stabbed by some wild soloing, it is instantly appealing. Grinding death metal continues to assault the senses throughout the battering ‘Creation’ and the crushing carnage of ‘Impending Dread’. Boethiah are keeping the spirit of savage Swedeath alive, with riffs and particularly vocals soaking in that classic swampy filth of the early 90s. Combining that with the relentless surge of ‘Voices Beyond’ which feels soooo Bolt Thrower-y, this is a record that will flatten you.

‘Invocation of the Xenolith’ is a beast of a record; keeping the flames of classic death metal burning while taking a firm grasp on their own destiny and their own sound. Yeah, you could argue that you’ve heard everything that Boethiah do before, but you haven’t probably heard it executed this well in years. ‘Invocation of the Xenolith’ is killer, and well worth the listen.