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Starspawn cover art

Apparently Blood Incantation come from this planet. Colorado in fact. It’s weird really, considering the rumbling noise that emanates from their latest release, ‘Starspawn’. They certainly sound like they are birthed from the darkest parts of our cosmos, sent here to pass on unholy messages and portents of our doom from the outer reaches. Like Morbid Angel wrote music about Lovecraft and nothing else, Blood Incantation crush.

Opener ‘Vitirification of Blood (Part 1)’ is a titan slab of muddy, atmospheric death metal where the lumbering, flailing decrepit riffs are slain with atonal solo notes that shriek from spaces unknown. The album art draws up those dark comparisons to cyclopean wastes with natural powers too vast to comprehend, where the ground cracks and steams with the fury of these riffs. ‘Chaoplasm’ is the kind of death metal that reinforces that feeling of dread and unknown brutality that you felt the first time you ever heard the genre. It is oppressive and mercilessly heavy.

Sometimes it is difficult to pin down exactly what it is about an album that you like. This has everything in a record that I enjoy, from the cavernous ‘voice from beyond’ vocals, to the murky riffing and interesting songwriting style. But there’s an intangible that takes this beyond simply enjoying. Perhaps it is the ancient Suffocation worship of ‘Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)’, or the spiralling black hole of ‘Meticulous Soul Devourment’, but Blood Incantation have created something here that is greater than just the sum of its parts. Dark Descent Records have unearthed yet another gem…