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Altar of Oblivion - Barren Grounds

Danish lords of thy doom Altar of Oblivion return with their new EP ‘Barren Grounds’, a grandiose four tracks of epic as fuck melodic doom that makes you want to draw your sword and stand upon your mountain kingdom! Ok, that may be a bit over the top, but there is something magical about the purity of the heavy metal within. It is out through Shadow Kingdom Records now!

Opener ‘State of Decay’ has a regal stomp to it, like the procession of a warrior king heading to war. There’s some obvious Candlemass influence here, but glimmers of prog sneak in, and the folky, flute led ‘Serenity’ completes that retro, 70s feeling, if all too briefly. The heaving, groaning power of the title track is the pinnacle of Altar of Oblivion here; a lumbering riff oozes with soulful groove, while a versatile and bluesy vocal croons with classic doom emotion. ‘Barren Grounds’ hearkens back to the days of Sabbathian power, but with moments of NWOBHM melody and glorious passion.

Closing with the stark loneliness of ‘Lost’, Altar of Oblivion stake their claim as the most vital member of the court of doom. Emotional, heavy and chameleonic, ‘Barren Grounds’ is a work of heavy metal art, possessed of a natural charisma and swagger that most bands would kill for. Essential.