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Barbaric Horde - "Gasmask Perpetrators" cover art

Portuguese black metallers Barbaric Horde have unleashed their debut of blashpemic incantations on cassette through War Art Productions. A reassuringly raw and low fi assault on your ear holes, it shows that blackness and evil can come from even the sunniest climates.

Opener ‘Ritual of Sodomy’ clatters with a hypnotic riff and clattering drums, while demonic vocals growl in the most unholy manner. No members are listed on their Encyclopedia Metallum page, so I don’t know even how many people make this primitive racket, but kudos to them for the sheer barbarism of their music. ‘Aborticide Plague’ is dark, raw and utterly fetid.

If you like your Archgoats or Profanaticas, this is a release for you. Approaching almost South American levels of rawness, tracks like the relentless title track, or the slaughterous ‘Superior Baphomet Devotion’ will either thrill you or kill you. Personally, there’s only so much of this kind of primitiveness I can take, but it works well over a shorter release like this. Whether you have the stomach for a full length, we’ll wait and see. Meanwhile, if you like having the flesh seared from your bones by a racket of blasphemous black metal fury, Barbaric Horde is for you. Savage, dark and if it was any rawer you’d send it back!