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Melodic death metal from Pakistan? The variety and spread of metal across the world will never fail to amaze me. Faceless Mother’s EP ‘The Thing That Lurks’ comes to us from Karachi, and is a three track rager available now through their bandcamp.

Ripping straight from the melodeath playbook, opener ‘Beholder’ has a nice gallop to it and some great guitar melodies to it, while the mournful ‘The Baying of Crows’ has some absolutely fantastic, melancholic riffs. This is definitely feels more like a dark death metal record than more traditional melodeath, but the nice guitar work keeps them hooked to the genre.

Closing with the driving title track, I think Faceless Mother’s debut has got a bit of potential to it. The production isn’t great, but the riffing and songwriting all shows promise and I think in particular the melancholic touches of ‘The Baying of Crows’ is definitely worth the price of admission. Keep an eye on these guys.

New England death thrashers Rancorous have only recently dropped their ‘Into the Nuclear Fire’ debut on their Bandcamp page, but it is already becoming one of my more spun records this year. If you can’t spare a mere six minutes for these tracks, then frankly you’re doing too many things that aren’t important!

Holy shit does that title track rip? Rapid fire, raw as fuck blackened speed metal thrash chaos, ‘Into the Nuclear Fire’ is instant, blinding death in song form. Wild soloing punctures the rapid riffing, and ‘Death Incarnate’ continues this hellacious pace with dare I say a little dose of melody too. The rapacious speed of ‘Perverse Subvertor’ is a fitting close to a demo that is over far too quickly.

Frankly, this is a killer debut and only makes me salivate for more. Repeated spins will never lessen the enjoyment, and if anything you can notice even more. Actually, that’s not true as there is nothing subtle about Rancorous at all, and that’s probably what makes ‘Into the Nuclear Fire’ so fucking great!


Impavidus - Eradication of Mankind

I reviewed Impavidus’s demo recently here on the blog, and they’ve returned with a new four track EP called ‘Eradication of Mankind’. This continues their journey creating some of the more interesting melodeath to come out of this country for a while. It is out on the 29th March via Bandcamp.

Gloomy, blasting opener ‘Reprisal’ pulls no punches immediately, with haunting clean vocals twisting around the chunky riffing. The raspy screams of vocalist Michelle Adamson works well with the ragged melodies and chunky groove. There’s a more overt death metal influence on ‘Eradication of Mankind’, but I can’t say I’m overly convinced on the use of the clean vocals on ‘Lies’, which treads the fine line between extremity and commercial metal a bit too closely for me.

The fantastic ‘Void’ rescues that for me, with some delightfully galloping melodeath riffing and earworm melodies proving to be a hit, and closing with the almost sultry menace of ‘XII’ really puts a stamp on that Impavidus ‘sound’. They don’t sound like anyone else, and while ‘Eradication of Mankind’ has the odd stumble, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Sombras cover art

Chilean metallers Mano Humana formed in 2012, and aim to write music free of traditional genre tropes, which still fits with a violent and aggressive style. Hopefully this translates into something riff heavy and awesome!

South American metal tends to be on the side of rabid brutality and extremely raw. So it’s a pleasant experience to find an album that, while aggressive in execution, is quite well produced and clear. The modern thrashings of ‘Jueces’ has elements of early Meshuggah, with some almost djent signatures in places. It has a killer groove though, which continues through bangers like ‘Desintrospeccion’ and the chugging heaviness of ‘Demencia’

What I like about Mano Humana is they don’t just play solid if uninspired thrash, nor do they do a bad copy of Meshuggah riffs. What they bring is an honest amalgamation of both, with plenty of quirky guitar work, and some jagged time changes. It isn’t all relentless riffing though, with the introspective noodlings of ‘Grito En Silencio’ displaying an almost progressive edge, or the calming start of longest track ‘Arbol’. I really like the spacey riff that opens ‘Ataca y Ataca’, and the call and response sections is very Soulfly-esque. In fact, this song feels like their Brazilian counterparts, with a dense tribal drum and primal roar echoing Cavalera’s tribe.

I like Mano Humana. ‘Sombras’ feels like a breath of fresh air, with its amalgamation of thrash and a heavier sound. It is a little weird, but once it gets going, you’ll be hooked!

Album Sampler cover art

British thrashers Psython are working on their debut full length record, and have stuck up a couple of tracks on their Bandcamp page as a demo. Now, the demo is slowly becoming a lost art, with bands preferring to make a debut ‘EP’, which is mostly just a demo anyway. So it’s nice to see a band sticking to the old school terminology!

First off: Psython is either a psychic python or a psychotic python. Based on the band’s hyperactive thrashing, I’m gonna go with the latter. Opening track ‘Meltdown’ is rabid, mixing some good aggression with some nice melodic riffing. There’s hints of Bay Area classics, and ‘Dave 1.1’ particularly conjures the spirit of vintage Exodus. For a demo, it is remarkably self-assured and yet full of youthful exuberance. The best thrash is not just fast though, it conjures up something reasonably fresh within the framework of the genre. Psython have got the chops to do that, and with some of the more interesting riff patterns on this demo, show that they are definitely worth watching in the future.

Closing with the chugging thunder of ‘Blunt’, and with the bonus of a live track called ‘DNA’ that also shows a bit of midpaced riff power, I’m looking forward to Psython’s full length. The demo whets the appetite just enough, and I’m anticipating their album to be more of the same. Excellent work

Two little releases that I’ve found in the last days have prompted me to write about them. First is Act of Impalement, whose ‘Echoes of Wrath’ three track EP is available for free from their Bandcamp page. It’s raucous, filthy death metal shot through with nasty doom and black metal elements. Simply superb, find it and download it!

The other is Genocide Pact’s demo, which is four tracks of nasty, primal death metal and includes the storming ‘Submission Reigns’. I can’t say enough good things about these releases, other than get a hold of them immediately!

Bandcamp is a pretty cool piece of technologcal advancement. It is like Myspace could have become, if Myspace hadn’t been weighed down and drowned by an enormity of medocrity. Remember when ‘Myspace bands’ was a thing? Anyone with a microphone and a guitar could become an ‘artist’, without allowing for quality control. Bandcamp allows the same thing, but it also allows people to show their appreciation to artists with the ‘name your price’ button.

For me, I try and listen to as much as I can through bands on Bandcamp, and I’ll be honest, I will download for nothing if I can. Not because I don’t want to support the artist, but for two reasons: I much prefer physical releases (CDs etc) to mp3s and, well, I’m a broke small business owner so I have to prioritise my purchases. Therefore, I take advantage of freebies when I can. But it’s not that I don’t appreciate these bands or their music. I have an Excel file of all the records I want to buy. Updating it this afternoon I found I was past 3200 on it. I have also found some incredible releases on Bandcamp and have found new favourite bands (step forward Crypt Lurker).

I also like how Bandcamp allows artists who aren’t signed to a label to sell their own records/merch etc to fund recordings. That’s good, because selling stuff at shows can only go so far. If a small band supports on a few dates in their homeland, they may sell a few CDs or shirts but is not really significant. With an online presence, bands can sell shirts or records all over the world to fans in every corner. Metal reaches every part of the world, so an English black metal band could sell their music to people in Indonesia or Brazil. It’s a wonderful thing.

This is YET another UK black metal band who have recently released some new music. Torver (named after the Lake District village that was founded by Vikings in the 10th century) have put up a new track on their Bandcamp as a sample for their upcoming split with Funeral Path. ‘Thy Masters of Old’ is a straightforward four minutes of razor sharp black metal done the old fashioned way (i.e. second wave Norwegian style). I look forward to hearing more from these guys, because I like their relatively warm production and their relentless barrage. It’s black metal, pure and unadulterated. Fuck yeah.