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Infected Dead - Archaic Malevolence

UK death metal upstarts Infected Dead’s debut record ‘Archaic Malevolence’ appeared late last year on Hostile Media, and was probably a bit lost in the shuffle of year end lists etc. But, since the Killchain doesn’t do year end lists, I have no excuse for missing it until the band emailed me. I’m glad they did, as this is rather good.

After a suitably mysterious and gurgling intro, first track proper and title track ‘Archaic Malevolence’ is a whirling cacophony of blastbeats, guttural roars and fiery fretwork. This is cutting death metal, cold and precise without the bloodied warmth of more old school acts. Sent to dazzle you with riffs and solos, Infected Dead blister you with pinpoint brutality and that sweeping, Black Dahlia Murder-esque knack for melody and infectious tunes. Imagine Rings of Saturn deleted the breakdowns and decided to do At the Gates covers, and you’re almost there.

Magnificently capturing the essence of modern death metal, Infected Dead’s offerings to the elder ones are exhilarating and dripping with venom. ‘Archaic Malevolence’ starts my 2018 with just the right kick of death metal, and the uneasy sway of ‘Invocation to Unspeakable Gods’ suggests there is even more nuance to come. This fucking slays.