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Plage are a German and Danish black metal collective that specialise in just that, pure old fashioned black metal. The kind that was around before all this avantgarde stuff started. What is probably referred to as ‘trve kvlt’ by this point, but who cares about that? It’s all about the music for me. You could be as black and as evil as they come, but if you ain’t got the chops, then I don’t care.

‘En Hedensk Kriger’ launches us into 38 minutes of blackened fury with an apocalyptic bell and a threatening rumble. A buzzing riff engages your mind while a rasping croak intones its dark messages. This is vintage black metal, taking leads from all the greats, from Satyricon to Gorgoroth via Mayhem and Darkthrone in between. Vocalist Vrede has more than a touch of Abbath about it, a a pleasant change from banshee shrieks. ‘Chained by Flesh’ is a relentless frosty gem, and there’s more than a bit of Marduk about the aggressive carnage of one-two punch ‘I Am Death’ and the hailstorm of ‘Den Kannibalske Haerskare’.

While never close to reinventing this form of almost one dimensional black metal, Plage execute their album with some great songwriting and some dark passion. There’s something endlessly catchy about the title track, and when blast heavy black metal provides a couple of catchy songs, you know they’re onto to something here. The moody ‘Ihjelslar’ feels like a paeon to the lost gods of Immortal, whose influence looms large over that track. Plage’s debut full length is a joy for those of us who enjoy a black metal skullfucking with few subtleties. There is always gonna be space in my life for this!