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Reido - Anātman

Funeral doom from Belarus sounds like something ripe for this cold, bleak time of year and Reido’s ‘Anatman’ is the third record from this band over thirteen years, and thier first in eight. Not prolific, but when you have this type of statement to make, you don’t need to do it quickly. It is out now through Aesthetic Death.

The creepy soundscapes of ‘Deathwave’ build slowly into the ancient crush of ‘The Serpent’s Mission’, a sprawling slow motion dredge of the earth’s darkest and most miserable locales. Churning guitar rumbles under imperious growls, while the moments of tranquility are as oppressive as the heavier parts. ‘Dirt Fills My Mouth’ is like Electric Wizard with all the hazy drugs stripped away; clean, clear and with singular intent. Staggering centrepiece ‘Liminal’ stretches into unfathomable distance, a dry cracked wasteland inhabited by the guttural howl of the wind and the crash of the riff that really feels like a Tom G Warrior guitar tone. After the industrial hum of the title track, ‘Vast Emptiness, No Holiness’ brings us crashing to a earth shuddering end.

‘Anatman’ is a vast dirge of a record, naked and barren of feeling. Yet the simplicity of the riff is the greatest strength Reido possess. With guitarwork hewn from granite, this behemoth looms unbidden from the darkness laying waste to those before it. The riffs are massive, the tension palpable at points and the melancholic melodies enhancing the brutality. Awesome.

Starless Domain - EOS

Originally released in January this year, ‘EOS’ is a record that truly sums up the name of the band, Starless Domain, in the most perfect way. This is a single track, 58 minute trip into the blackest, deepest parts between the stars; into the vast cosmic abyss where music is just not going to be the same… This is released by Aesthetic Death in my part of the world, and the band in the US.

A mammoth piece, originally split into four movements by technical limitations but now all back to one epic soundscape of galaxial shift and void misery, ‘EOS’ is a vast undertaking. Opening with spacey, dreamy synths and echoing shrieks, it soon devolves (or evolves depending on your point of view) into a howling miasma of suffocation riffs and tones. Pure murk spews from the speakers, while a vortex of icy vocals howl in a relentless hurrican of utter darkness. Eerie effects skitter across the torrent, adding to ther strange ‘otherness’ that permeates this whole work.

There are moments of calm within this blasting density, and punctuated by these it makes ‘EOS’ feel all the more devastating. Wavering, atonal notes shudder in the black. ‘EOS’ is truly haunting; filled to breaking point with unorthodox melodies and eerie effects but still keeping the power of black metal alive. Starless Domain have created something that feels half as long, but just as awe inspiring. ‘EOS’ is more of an experience than just music, so sink in and ready yourself for oblivion.