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Texas death metal newcomers Abolishment of Flesh have certainly struck out at this world with fury and vengeance, with their debut full length ‘The Inhuman Condition’ due out in April on Unholy Anarchy Records. This is a record for fans of The Black Dahlia Murder and the like.

A cacophonous blasting monster emerges immediately, as ‘Inhuman Anatomy’ harnesses the savage energy of Suffocation and Dying Fetus to devastating effect. There’s no slam here though, it is all just hurricane force death metal with moments of immense groove thrown in too. ‘Reborn Abomination’ is more of the same, though you get a more Black Dahlia Murder vibe in this one. This is where Abolishment of Flesh begin to flex their more melodic muscle, with some excellent riffing coming through the blasting madness. The likes of ‘Weeping for the Decayed’ and the brutal ‘Mass Execution’ show how even the overwrought ‘modern death metal’ sound can be twisted into interesting new forms.

Surely Abolishment of Flesh will break through the sea of modern death metal bands and get recognition for what is a stunning debut full length. ‘The Inhuman Condition’ is chock full of killer riffs, and more great songs than some bands manage in a career. If they can get themselves to enough ears, you could be looking at the next big thing. Breaking through will be the challenge, but this is a record to impress.