Review: Doomsday Profit – In Idle Hands

Posted: October 11, 2021 in Reviews
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Review by Sandre the Giant

This North Carolinian quartet refer to their sound as acid-sludge, which immediately intrigues me about Doomsday Profit and their debut full length album, ‘In Idle Orbit’. It gives me hope that they’ll not just be another sludge doom band sucking on the withered teat of EyeHateGod and Crowbar. It is out in November through Bandcamp, and follows up their very interesting EP ‘Abandon Hope’.

From the opener riff of ‘Crown of Flies’, you are immediately sucked into a world that takes more from the nihilistic stomping blues of Weedeater or Sourvein than the more hardcore influenced sludgers. Trudging riffs slathered in filth swagger, well, shuffle forward under snarled vocals and an onmipresent murk. ‘Scryers of the Smoke’ is where the album begins to unveil its hidden secrets; an old, dark southern groove pressed down into the mud beneath progress. Not that progress is a bad thing, but it always leaves victims. The psychedelic haze seeping into the grinding riffs is very Sabbathian in places, and provides the first essential moment of this record.

Those moments come again and again though, be it in the slow rumbling Neurosis-style ‘Cestoda’ or the more trad doom groove of ‘Consume the Remains’, Doomsday Profit are definitely not a copycat operation. Sure, there’s little tasters of your usual suspects, but all become one under the band’s direction. I especially like the proto-sludge proggyness of ‘Destroy the Myths’ as well, as it brings together those acid-trip stylings into a groaning riff structure that culminates in the midnight desert psyche of ‘Bring Out Your Dead’. The shuddering hum of a soon to be iconic album closer. ‘In Idle Hands’ is a great record by most standards, but as a debut full length my expectations were totally blown away. Doomsday Profit could become a player if this stuff keeps up.

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