Review: Shrines of Dying Light – Sadness

Posted: November 27, 2020 in Reviews
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Shrines of Dying Light - Sadness

Review by Sandre the Giant

‘Sadness’, the second album from Swiss death/doom band Shrines of Dying Light, follows their titanic debut ‘Insomnia’ with more of the same vast riffs of misery. It is out now through the band’s Bandcamp, and plays the delicate balance between deathly fury and majestic gothic doom.

The melancholic and orchestral opener ‘Entering Infinity (Prelude)’ sets the scene for the huge, sobbing weight that is to come. ‘Whispers (Sadness Part I)’ is the first track proper, and it is huge. Solemn vocals accompany tortured guitar misery, wringing the finest Paradise Lost riffs from their axes and coating the entire thing in a miasmic atmosphere. The gothic gloom of ‘Tragedy in the Woods’ has the croon of Type O, but without the sardonic wit. The same could be said for ‘Flowers’ which has some glorious clean guitar and gothic overtones, pushing Shrines of Dying Light beyond a mere Swallow the Sun clone.

The second part of ‘Sadness’, (Saddest Man (Sadness Part II)) conjures up some mournful Paradise Lost leads, while the potent roar growls through this veil of gloom. ‘Void’ has that same mix of churning heaviness and vocal mixture; the primal roar and the eerie clean timbre that makes this album feel fresh. By the time ‘Farblos’ comes to a monolithic, crushing end you are ready for the postlude to take you away. Death has come, doom is assured. ‘Sadness’ is the only answer. This record is punishingly great, and you should be ready to embrace Shrines of Dying Light.

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