Review: Angel Grinder – Confessions of the Damned

Posted: February 10, 2020 in Reviews
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New England death metallers Angel Grinder are due to self-release their debut full length record in the spring, and ‘Confessions of the Damned’ is a heady mix of old school brutality like Bolt Thrower or Asphyx, mixed with some more manic acts like Demolition Hammer and Sodom. Sound like a great idea to me!

After the creaking industrial/orchestral intro ‘Overture’, you are immediately struck by thick and complex old school death metal riffing in the title track. There is definitely solid influences from deathly thrash acts, drawing a little more from the Teutonic than the Bay Area, and their death metal side is focused on bringing the density. It shies away from the usual OSDM approach of basically just being Swedeath by souping up the low end. The monstrous chug of ‘Spine by Spine, the enveloping ferociousness of ‘Got Your Goat’ or the thrashy rabidity of ‘731’ are all good examples of what the band are aiming for; a relatively fresh sound in the oversaturated genre.

‘Confessions of the Damned’ is an excellent debut, leaving plenty of riffs for the band to destroy live venues with but leaving room to improve, build upon and ultimately continue to mine this seam of quality old scool death. Thoroughly recommended.

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