Review: Ordinul Negru – Lifeless

Posted: November 30, 2019 in Reviews
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Ordinul Negru - Lifeless

‘Lifeless’ is the fourth record from Romanian true black metallers Ordinul Negru, and another being rereleased by Loud Rage Music. Originally released in 2008, you can probably already guess what kind of cold, raw Transylvanian nightmares lie beneath, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Ordinul Negru are a one trick pony.

Bleak is probably the first word that springs to mind when ‘Wolves of the Ancient Forest’ springs to life. Waves of pure second wave spill from the speakers, followed by howling shrieks and an atmosphere of necrotic, icy death. This feeling of cold dread permeates every song on the record, and really takes you to the kind of eldritch darkness that you’d expect from Eastern European black metal. For some reason, even more so than their Scandinavian cousins, Eastern European countries just really GET black metal in such a primeval way. ‘Lifeless’ is another glorious example of that. I mean, just try and spy even the slightest hint of light in the suffocating ‘The Cold Spirit Arouse from a Forgotten Soul’.

There’s a mysterious black beauty about the soaring gloom of ‘Morbid Prophecy’ and ‘Serpent’s Promise’, the centrepiece 9 minute tracks that straddle the middle of the record. The first is a midpaced dirge; hypnotising in its simplicity but murky in spirit. The latter is a triumphant frosty blast of old school ferocity, with a little more speed about it but losing nothing in atmosphere. Their joint talents encapsulate everything great about ‘Lifeless’.

‘Lifeless’ is a record that leaves you drained, emotionally and mentally. The darkness on display feels really old, really pure. Ordinul Negru have tapped into a long forgotten vein of black gold, hidden amongst snow and forest and mountain. This album will leave you as a husk, albeit a very satisfied one. Awesome.

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