Review: Insurrection – Circles of Despair

Posted: August 6, 2019 in Reviews
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Dutch death/thrashers Insurrection’s new full length, ‘Circles of Despair’, is coming out at the end of August through Big Bad Wolf/Headbangers Records, and it is one of those records that attempts to be both unbelievably technical and yet loaded with melody and catchy songs. A tough game to play, let’s see if they can manage it.

Opening track ‘Enigma Machine’ is a good start; a sinewy beast rippling with piles of prime melodeath riffing that brings to mind the likes of Omnium Gatherum or Himsa while also gathering some death metal chops underneath. The likes of ‘Non Existent Fall’ and the particularly savage ‘Comrades in White’ marry the brutality to an innate sense of melody and both are excellent examples of what Insurrection do so well. But it isn’t all just galloping In Flames-isms, and there’s no clean vocal sections either. The musicianship is super tight, and there’s no mindless interludey nonsense, (‘Spiralling Down’ is more of an intro to the closing track, so I’m not counting it), just straightforward, thrashy death metal with plenty of melody flowing underneath.

Making a record that sounds like 2006 all over again isn’t necessarily a good thing, but Insurrection carry it off very well, giving us prime cuts of top melodeath. A glorious collection of sharp, precise guitarwork and killer songwriting makes ‘Circles of Despair’ one of the finer records you’ll hear this year.

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