Review: Towering – Obscuring Manifestation

Posted: July 25, 2019 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Towering - Obscuring Manifestation

Another day, another black/death metal debut record seeking to make waves in the increasingly oversaturated market. But when the band hail from France, home of some of the more interesting and inventive death metal, then it is worth paying a little more attention. ‘Obscuring Manifestation’ is out now on Dolorem Records, and Towering are here to destroy.

After the powerful, foundation laying introduction, we are thrown to the wolves with the potent rage of ‘The Poison of Man’. Towering clearly take a lot of influences from the eastern European death metal scene, like Decapitated or Azarath. It isn’t overly technical but the riffing pours out like molten fire, a rampant performance that only gets better. Towering pull more ideas out in the 40 minutes of this record than a lot of bands do in a career, and each song tries hard to be different from the previous one. I mean, compare ‘The Calling’, which rampages with savage intent through a speedy deaththrash style, with the imperious rage and icy majesty of the titanic ‘One with the Black Earth’.

‘Obscuring Manifestation’ is a record of massive potential, with a wonderful crunchy production allowing every riff, every roar and all the songwriting magic come to the fore. Towering have hit this out of the park, and this is a tremendous record for 2019’s collection.

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