Review: Corpsefucking Art – Splatterphobia

Posted: October 16, 2018 in Reviews
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Take three guesses at what kind of record ‘Splatterphobia’ is? Did the murderer wearing the Mortician shirt on the cover give it away? Well, the newest release from Italian macabre mischief makers Corpsefucking Art is their latest collection of brutality and gore. ‘Splatterphobia’ is due out in November through Comatose Music.

As you’d expect, this is classic death metal, drawing heavily from the likes of Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. If it was a movie, it’d be an Evil Dead film, with riffs that would easily maim and dissect unsuspecting victims. The chug of ‘Black Sheep Terror’ is infectious, in a horrible zombie-virus type way, while the savagery of ‘Nightmare City’ is something to behold. What I really appreciate about Corpsefucking Art is that their death metal is brutal but not in the simple breakdown/pig squeal/breakdown formula. They’ve crafted a record that resembles the classic brutal death albums we remember, with a very old school vibe that is welcome. There’s nothing forgiving or derivative about the swollen rage of ‘Beyond the Holy Grounds’, and their cover of Cannibal classic ‘Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead’ more than does the original proud.

‘Splatterphobia’ is a chugging, menacing beast of a record, where old school slam meets a rabid, thrashy death metal that really hits the spot. Short, sharp and to the point, bloodstained riffs paint gory masterpieces within cool samples and guttural roars. Corpsefucking Art pay a fine tribute to the masters, and are beginning to rise towards becoming one themselves. Awesome.


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