Live Review: Demonic Resurrection/Wretched Soul (17/05/18)

Posted: May 19, 2018 in Live Reviews
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It’s going to be difficult to be impartial for this, as Sahil and I have been friends for a while and I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed his music, so the chance to see legendary Indian death metallers Demonic Resurrection live at last was a chance I couldn’t miss. But to be fair to him, I’d have told him if they weren’t very good. Which is not true, they were awesome.

First of all though, Wretched Soul were an excellent support band, with their razor sharp death metal hitting every sweet spot in the place. They have a huge melodic streak straight through them, that gives their records a bit of variety. They are ferocious at full speed, but they have some absolutely brilliant ‘Painkiller’ moments where the vocals shriek high and the twin galloping begins. It’s quite a thing to be that heavy and yet that fucking catchy and epic. I salute you sirs, and recommend people buy ‘The Ghost Road’, for that is a killer record.

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But the main reason I’m here is for the mighty Demonic Resurrection. The Demonstealer is an unassuming, charming and humble bloke who becomes possessed by nightmarish demonic voices when the superlative death metal maelstrom begins. The technical madness of ‘The Demon King’ and ‘Krishna – The Cowherd’ were particularly mindblowing. On record, Demonic Resurrection have many subtle little flourishes that disappear a little on the live stage, but if anything their music becomes more ferocious. The musicianship in the melodic genius of ‘A Tragedy Befallen’ is incredible, and the savagery of ‘Dismembering the Fallen’ is tangible. Demonic Resurection are a mighty live proposition, and despite there only being a small crowd in attendance we all fully appreciated the effort and journey they’ve been on to entertain us.

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