Review: Neurosis (Colombia) – Las Centurias de la Muerte

Posted: May 5, 2018 in Reviews
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Neurosis - Las centurias de la muerte

Neurosis (not the overlords of the primal ‘Riff’) are a Colombian deaththrash outfit that have been churning through the South American underground since 1987, and their latest release is a three track EP entitled ‘Las Centurias de la muerte’ (‘The Centuries of Death’). Being South American and deathly thrashy, you just know that this is gonna be vicious.

The opening title track builds with melodic precision before kicking it into high gear with some great, early Sepultura worshipping thrash riffs. Capable of cooling it down to a hearty chug as well as a lightning quick thrash off, Neurosis keep it varied and the murky production keeps it feeling rabid and raw. The eastern tinges of the superb ‘El Guardian’ are pretty cool, and there are many epic guitar riffs lurking within. ‘Voces del Infierno’ is the highlight though; a shapeshifting thrash beast that ticks all the boxes if you like modern Kreator or early Exodus.

These guys have got their sound nailed down, and ‘Las Centurias de la Muerte’ is a ballsy thrash out that is sadly over too quickly. But that’s ok, because you can just put it straight back on repeat again and thrash yourself to death. Technically sound, memorable and properly ‘old school’, Neurosis are another gem of the South American underground, and should get more love!

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