Review: Lecherous Nocturne – Occultaclysmic

Posted: May 3, 2018 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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The fifth release in the 20 year history of Lecherous Nocturne is on respected death metal label Willowtip Records, which already lends ‘Occultaclysmic’ a dose of credibility, but Lecherous Nocturne have always been a band that has defined genres, rather than followed them. Willowtip provide the plaform, ‘Occultaclysmic’ has brought the brutality.

‘By Conquest or Consent’ immediately blisters any concerns that Lecherous Nocturne could have mellowed with age. Fury strikes with devastating blasting, rapid fire riffs that scorch the earth and savage growls and screams ravage your ears. An instant shot to the heart, which is then followed for 40 minutes of rock solid, brutal death metal that encompasses technical superiority, horrendous brutality and even melodic flourishes. The likes of the title track and the grand instrumental ‘Remembrance’ betray the melodic sensibilities of a band that seems, on the surface, to be focused entirely on destruction. Relentless in the execution, Lecherous Nocturne hit with an intensity in ‘Tower of Silence’ that put others to shame.

‘Occultaclysmic’ is a record that will sit proudly amongst death metal releases for 2018. An unutterably brutal experience, taking shape gradually as a beast with many heads, Lecherous Nocturne may be a band that is heavy and brutal as fuck, but they are much more subtle than you would expect. This is some seriously great shit.


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