Review: Robespierre – Garden of Hell

Posted: April 13, 2018 in Reviews
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The culmination of a 35 year journey, Robespierre’s full length debut ‘Garden of Hell’ is the follow up to the re-release of their two 1983 demos as the ‘Die You Heathen, Die!’ compilation in 2011. These lost classics were never released originally, and Robespierre were one of those lost gems of the NWOBHM movement. Until now, and Shadow Kingdom Records have brought it for all to enjoy.

It doesn’t sound like 35 years have passed, such is the iconic NWOBHM sound coming from opener ‘Punish Oppressors’. This is instantly iconic, hooky as fuck and possessed of a killer set of riffs, and this is a common theme throughout ‘Garden of Hell’. If you spend most of your musical life listening to nothing after about 1985, then this is the stuff for you. ‘Mare of Steel’ and ‘Feed the Fire’ are galloping heavy metal for the masses, and Robespierre are never scared of adding a little doom to proceedings too, sprinkling a little dust over their timeless, ancient magic. This is no more apparent than in the gloomy ‘Dwelling in the Shadows’ or the gritty chug of ‘The Black Mirror’. This really makes this record stand out as not just another old band trying to make a name based on their old kudos, but as a band who are ready to stand separate and proud of a new heritage.

If Robespierre had been lucky enough to release this back in the early 80s, we might have been speaking of them in the same revered tones as Maiden, Diamond Head, Angel Witch and the like, such is the strong song writing and the awesome guitar work. I mean, you’d struggle to tell that the likes of ‘Welcome to the Cult’ wasn’t written 40 years ago. Excellent stuff.


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