Review: Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties

Posted: March 28, 2018 in Reviews
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Sadistik Forest - Morbid Majesties

Sadistik Forest are the latest belch from the dense, dark Finnish death metal underground, and ‘Morbid Majesties’ is their third full length record, coming a grand six years since their last. It is out at the end of May through Transcending Obscurity and is a monstrosity of a record!

Opening with ‘Morbidly Majestic’, the band kick it into a massive death metal maelstrom, sounding huge with relentless riffing cascading over broken bones and a hellacious vocal growl intoning each rabid lyric. There’s a healthy dose of Swedish death here, but Sadistik Forest are clearly drawing from the dark wellspring that their Finnish forebears first brought forth. The chugging malevolence that brings ‘The Hour of Dread’ to life is unsettlingly straightforward, the thunderous rush of ‘Monsters of Death’ or the clattering ‘Zero Progress’ also unearth memories of ancient Amorphis or even Demelich.

‘Morbid Majesties’ is a record that, on the surface, seems pretty straightforward death metal fare. But scratch away that surface and you’ll find a monstrous beast lurking beneath. One that is rippling with power, bristling in the darkness, dangerous and not of this world. By the time the mammoth ‘Bones of a Giant’s comes to an end, you find Sadistik Forest are intoxicatingly heavy, and their innate sense of brutality keeps this record spinning again and again.


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