Review: Eternal Silence – Mastermind Tyranny

Posted: February 1, 2018 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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‘Mastermind Tyranny’ is the third album from Italian gothic/symphonic metallers Eternal Silence. Now, I’ve not reviewed much of this style here over the years, as it is a genre I kind of fell out of love with about 10 years ago after sickening myself on it, but I thought I should dive back in here with this after hearing a couple of tracks online. ‘Mastermind Tyranny’ was released back in October through Sliptrick Records

Opener ‘Lucifer’s Lair’ is the kind of catchy, European power metal you’d expect, full of soaring choral melodies and dramatic symphonics. The vocal interplay is well done, and it doesn’t fall into the classic ‘growly male/operatic female’ cliche which is refreshing. In fact, the duelling vocals create some of the most epic moments, like in the soaring ‘Adagio’ or the grandiose ‘Foreign Land’. There are the odd misstep, (the somewhat bland ‘The First Winter Night’ comes to mind), and the record does feel a little long in places, but these are minor quibbles.

‘Mastermind Tyranny’ is a pretty good record, full of hooky modern gothic metal tunes. I suppose your enjoyment of this will depend a lot on your feelings about the ‘symphonic/female fronted/gothic’ metal tags. If you approach Eternal Silence with an open mind, you’ll find a good band with a lot of solid songwriting and some seriously catchy tunes. It’s time we laid those preconceptions to bed and enjoyed it for what it is; a fine, well written record.


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