Live Review: Pestilence/Rebaelliun in Audio, Glasgow 30/01/2018

Posted: January 31, 2018 in Live Reviews
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Pestilence are so fucking underrated as a death metal band. Their early work, particularly ‘Testimony of the Ancients’ and the divisive ‘Spheres’, is so influential but you don’t hear their name mentioned as much as many of the other ‘bigger’ bands from the era. Well, their live show in Glasgow last night was fucking killer, focusing on their first four records, the two mentioned before and ‘Consuming Impulse’ and ‘Malleus Maleficarum’. Once again, I was in Audio, probably the smallest gig venue in Glasgow but also my personal favourite.

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I arrived just after Brazillian destroyers Rebaelliun had taken the stage, and I was instantly blown away by their brutal, Krisiun-esque sound. Their guitar works was tight as fuck, and the likes of ‘Anarchy’ were totally devastating. I’d never come across the band before but was very impressed, looking forward to getting some of their stuff!

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Pestilence were absolutely stunning live. For anybodu who hasn’t had the chance to experience this band live, you are missing out. From the old school thrashy ‘Parasite’ to the uneasy groove of ‘Prophetic Revelations’, these Dutch guys absolutely slayed. When you read these things about ‘OLD SCHOOL’ death metal, they often mean Autopsy  or Bolt Thrower clones. But for me, early Pestilence is what it’s all about, that area where death and thrash were still intertwining. The stunning ‘Mind Reflections’, the crushing ‘Out of the Body’ and my own personal favourite ‘Echoes of Death’ were highlights in a night where properly old school death metal was at its absolute best.


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