Review: Rimfrost – A Clash Under the Northern Wind

Posted: January 2, 2018 in Reviews
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Melodic black metallers Rimfrost have one of my favourite underrated records in the glorious ‘A Frozen World Unknown’, and so their new single ‘A Clash Under the Northern Wind’ is something of a treat for me. I missed their self titled record last year, but look to find it now. This will be featured on their next record, and the single has been released by the excellent Non Serviam Records.

Starting with a rousing, Immortal-esque riff, ‘A Clash Under the Northern Wind’ instantly captures that irresistable melodious streak that Rimfrost possess. Melodeath riffs play out over a vast frozen forest, while howling blastbeats batter you like a frozen blizzard. The ghostly melodies are huge and continue to lurk within your mind long after the song is over. Immortal and Dissection are the major influences here, but there are little nods to Darkthrone and Marduk too.

Looks like the upcoming record is going to be ace, if ‘A Clash Under the Northern Wind’ is anything to go by. Building to a massive crescendo of epic, soaring black metal, Rimfrost have done it again. Magnificent.


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