Live Review: Suffocation/Scordatura in Audio, Glasgow (29/08/17)

Posted: September 1, 2017 in Live Reviews
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Ticking another off my ‘must see live’ list, New York death metal legends Suffocation came to one of the smallest and therefore best venue in Glasgow for a gig that was probably the best death metal gig I’ve been to since Decapitated years ago in Ivory Blacks. I’d read multiple posts about who was supposed to be supporting; some said Hammercult, some said Power Trip, so I made sure I was down early to find out. Turned out there was only the one support, but it was an excellent choice.

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Local heroes Scordatura was that support, whose death metal onslaught was precise, brutal and even managed to get a respectable pit going early on. They were an excellent choice because you can feel how much the headliners have influenced them. I have their awesome ‘Torment of the Weak’ record, and they threw in a  few new songs from their newest album ‘Self-Created Abyss’ that I haven’t got yet but will definitely pick up. Nuanced, chugging carnage.

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But Suffocation blew them out of the water. You’d expect that though, coming from these almost 30 year veterans. A devastating mixture of brutal slam and technical wizardry, their new material from this year’s ‘…of the Dark Light’ struck like bombs and while unlikely to receive as rapturous a reaction as the classics, led to streams of crowd surfing and as violent a pit as I’ve seen in years. ‘Liege of Inveracity’ and the fiery ‘Effigy of the Forgotten’ were the highlights closed by the staggering ‘Catatonia’ to send everyone home exhausted, sweat drenched and very very happy.

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