Review: Ensepulcher – No Sanctity in Death

Posted: August 13, 2017 in Reviews
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Ah California. Home to Death Valley, which is where this ghastly duo must’ve have emerged from, as only a place with such ominous connotations could have birthed this rabid, slavering beast of a release. ‘No Sanctity in Death’ is a short, sharp shock to the system, as Ensepulcher pounce with sharpened blade towards the jugular. The cassette is due out on Blood Harvest Records in October.

Full disclosure, this review took more time to write than the length of this tape. At a speedy 7 and a half minutes, ‘No Sanctity in Death’ is just getting great when it’s over. Thankfully though, the repeat button is in constant use. The opening intro/title track is a chunky, ripping Swedeath worshipping beast, and the followup ‘Perishing in Morbidity’ is more of the same. The riffs summon prime Dismember, but with a rawer, rougher edge to them. Cavernous vocals emanate from the brutal ‘Death and Decay’, while the closing ‘Funeral Cessation’ careers towards hell with gleeful abandon.

Ensepulcher don’t give you much here, but it is more than enough to know that, come time for a full length release, ‘No Sanctity in Death’ was merely the gurgling appetiser. Assured in their blood spattered assault, Ensepulcher are going to be fucking great for a long time to come.


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